November 6, 2014

My Etsy Boutique: Vintage Catnip!


I finally opened my Etsy shop, Vintage Catnip! Leave a comment below and I will choose a lucky winner to receive an item from the shop  on November 19th 2014! :)

November 3, 2014

Boutique Lowell

I am very excited about this post, I finally checked out Lowell Boutique on St-Laurent boulevard. The boutique celebrated its one year anniversary with a great cocktail service which included the best steamed pork buns! At the anniversary party, the owner of the boutique, Rachel Fortin, also launched her F/W 2014 collection for "Rachel F." which has already had many rave reviews. I keep spotting "Rachel F." tuques all around town, they are a big hit this season and I must get one.

Seriously, this is best boutique ever! Not only does it have such a cozzy shopping atmosphere, you can find unique house decor, handbags and amazing clothes at this shop. I am also personally biased since I can shop two of my favorite brands at Lowell, which are MimiHammer and Norwegian Wood. 

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L' Art du Style 2014

The third edition of the "Art of Style" contest concluded in an unseen deliberation. So many contestants displayed such great talent and ingenuity that the judging panel had to select 2 winners to share the 5,000$ grant. I checked out the event hosted by Complexe Les Ailes de la Mode, enjoyed great cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and amazing art. 

Contestants had to create an art piece inspired by an item found in the "Complexe des Ailes" shopping center, inspirations spanning from items found at stores like Fruits & Passion and New Balance, flourished into intricate art pieces. 

The winners announced were La Camaradaerie who have created the "Carrouselfie" which was a big hit and Sophie Cardin, with her art piece "Cendrillon". 

One of my fave contest entries was "Amorçage"  by Julien-Trésor Lubanda Kandolo.

Carrouselfie by La Camaraderie