March 17, 2015

Spring Makeover with Bronze Cosmetics!

As the spring season is right around the corner, I had to replenish my beauty supply and of course I had to resort to getting goodies from Bronze Cosmetics, which I previously blogged here. Now, I first started with their compact foundation, however now I have expanded to use their BB cream, blush, compact corrective and liquid foundation.

Let's start with the BB cream, I tested it out last week and this tinted moisturizer is perfect to apply on your skin before using foundation. Not only does it moisturize your skin, it provides a great base before make-up application assuring a long lasting look throughout the day. Its unifying property creates an even skin tone correcting imperfections. 

Bronze Cosmetics offers 6 shades of blush, there is a shade for everyone. I can't get enough of their blush which I will be using tomorrow for an event at the W Hotel. If you are looking for that blush that will accent your cheekbones and glow not only in person but will also shine in pictures, this is the one for you. 

As for their compact corrective, it is officially my must-have in my make-up kit, I won't leave home without it. Use the two tones to correct and mask imperfections. Personally, I use this on my darker skin areas in order to cover these up seamlessly. Than, I will proceed with my Bronze Cosmetics foundation to complete my look.

 I normally use their compact foundation, however I could not wait to try Bronze's liquid foundation. It is enriched with sebum regulators, therefore it balances mixed and oily skins. It is light in application and gives us off a healthy glow. I am very happy with my new make-up stash from Bronze Cosmetics, most importantly, it's natural and Eco-certified. Read my first post about them, click here.

March 4, 2015


Anyone who knows me, can attest to the fact that I love to support products made in Canada, however most importantly I love to use organic and eco-friendly skin care. This is the reason, I am introducing to my readers, Oneka Elements which is my latest coveted product among my skin care regime. This Quebec based company, offers refreshing and lathering shower gels, shampoos, soaps and lotions that are based on the power of organic wild plants. Most importantly, their price point is very affordable. 

Upon receiving my new products from Oneka, I started off with their Goldenseal & Citrus shower gel, which was absolutely deep cleansing, a small amount of this shower gel onto your skin will result in an abundant foam that will cleanse your pores immediately. Using these Eco-friendly products is such a reviving experience, you feel great as you are not harming your skin with harsh chemical products and you are utilizing the just of what the earth has to offer with no preservatives.

Goldenseal & Citrus Shower gel, buy it here.

For those who are fragrance sensitive, Oneka carries an unscented body lotion which is great for sensitive skin and contains sage which helps restore and repair skin. They also offer shampoos and soaps, check out their full gamut of products on their website. Our beauty correspondent, Philippe shares his review on Oneka in this video below.

Unscented body lotion, buy it here

Angelica & Lavender Shower gel, buy it here

March 3, 2015


If you are the fashion lover that is in need of stylish and functional fitness wear, the JoshuaDavid boutique has it all. High end fitness wear from the latest brand names are now available at this one stop shop, located in the heart of Westmount. I met boutique owners, Joshua and David who gave me the lowdown on their new fitness apparel section. They decided to introduce active wear to their boutique as their clients are very focused on health and fitness, hence they wanted to fulfill their every need. 

In their new fitness apparel section, I discovered Ultracor, a new technical active wear brand which includes a patented technology that lifts your assets and also offers a smooth surface that stretches four ways which is conducive to an active work out. Also, for those who want to look "perfect" at the gym, I was amazed to find out that the leggings don't crease or fold, the surface remains smooth at all times.


I also fell in love with the Emory Knit Hoodie by Elie Tahari Sport. The body is composed of  a very lightweight french terry cotton and the sleeves are mesh which creates an edgy contrast. 

After checking out the #JoshuaDavidFit event, I am completely motivated to work out more and start a juicing cleanse with the amazing juices from Jus Pur, I sampled many of their different flavors and A3 is my personal favorite, a mixture of fresh cayenne, lemon, apples and oranges.

I am also now ultra-obsessed with cult yogurt, this is hands down the best yogurt, I have ever had. Not only are their flavors enticing, their package is so cute and compact for a fitness fashionista on the go. I absolutely love the apricot lavender yogurt, all of their products are free of preservatives, artificial flavoring or thickeners. I'll be filling my fridge with this product. Read more about them here.

Delicious cupcakes from La P√Ętisserie Petit Lapin which specializes in gluten-free, lactose free and allergen free sweet treats. Stop by their Westmount location and get some baked goods, more info here.

Why not recharge your fitness resolution for the year? Start by shopping at JoshuaDavid for your latest high end fitness wear!

Photographer: Johnny Martin