May 30, 2018


The weather is finally warming up in Montreal, therefore i'm in the midst of revamping my closet. I have finally stored all my winter clothes away in order to make place for summer fashion. Now, it's time to go online shopping on  for the latest trends. There are so many festivals and events to attend in Montreal for the upcoming season, it's exciting. I need to get some summer dresses! 

One of my favorite things to do in the summer season is going to boozy brunches with my friends, I was shopping on Zaful and came across the Sunflower Print Ruffle Mini Wrap Dress and thought it would be perfect for this type of occasion. The bright yellow summer dress adorned by ruffles is perfect for those Sunday morning brunch dates, when you just want to wear something very comfortable yet effortless chic. Isn't it pretty?

Last year, I missed strawberry picking season which starts at the end of June, so I promised myself that this time around I would not miss it. I've been planning an outfit for a cute photo shoot in a strawberry field and thought to wear the Flounce Hem Plaid Skirt Set from Zaful. The gingham style plaid print on this set fits in perfectly with the outdoor country theme. I plan to go berry picking in Ontario next month, so look out for the results of the shoot on my blog. 

In the summer, I also like to hang out on rooftop terraces, especially after a long day of work. You can't go to a rooftop without a nice pair of sunglasses! I found the Metal Bar Golden Frame Pilot Sunglasses on Zaful and immediately wanted them. These sunglasses are feminine yet have a sporty look, which means they can complement different styles of outfits. You can wear these casually by the pool side or they can suit an eccentric outfit for a day at a chic hotel rooftop in the Old Port of Montreal. 

Which Zaful must-haves will you be wearing for Summer 2018?

May 17, 2018


Graduation season is one of the most exciting times of the year, especially for the fashion students of Lasalle College in Montreal who have completed a 3 year fashion design program.

Upon completion of their hard work, Lasalle's students showcase their final collections on the big runway of Signature 2018. Industry professionals, members of the media and the public are invited to view the refined aesthetic of the newly graduated designers. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION...this is their grand finale however also a big debut into the fashion world. 

Over the last ten years, I've attended many fashion school graduations and the students never cease to amaze me, as media it is important to keep updated with new talent emerging and to explore the train of thought and influences of young designers. 

Lasalle's fashion students have demonstrated innovation and have proven they can reanimate Montreal's Fashion industry. Anyone that has followed the pulse of Montreal's fashion scene over the last few years has seen the rumble and tumble of it. However, these newly graduated designers are coupled with the climatic point of social media, they are part of the new realm of fashion retailing. 

Social media has become undeniably connex to the success of any new fashion business and luckily these students are from that evolving generation and have mastered it. At this point in time, as a fashion graduate, there are even more ways to multiply your industry success.

If you are dreaming of a career in the fields of Fashion, Arts & Design, than Lasalle College should be your ultimate choice. Why? Lasalle College places as the most important fashion school in Canada offering high-quality training and courses in both French & English. Impressively, Lasalle College has 23 campuses spanning over 5 continents. 

Additionally, they are the only fashion school in Canada to offer the work-study program in which you can work paid internships to gain experience in your field before graduating. You can also have a fashionista adventure and study abroad with this institution. I wrote more about Lasalle College in a previous article here.

Nonetheless, let's get on with the show! #Signature2018

My favorite collection of the evening was "Prettiest Girls in Rehab". This display of fashion depicted a tale of an upside down girl that chooses not to follow the corporate norm, she chooses to be defiant. An unconventional mix of different fabric textures and colors paired with hospital like slippers demonstrate the crazy beautiful side of pushing the norm. More photos on my Facebook, Marcia B Creative.

Midnight thoughts, for the grunge girl that is tough as nails but still clutches onto her teddy bear at night. Hard edge details balanced with soft fringe-like texture make this collection very marketable.

Order Project, over sized Korean style luxury coats with a punch. 

Undefined, utilitarian style at it's best.

Urban Fiesta with FOB

Garments from the Creativity segment of  #Signature2018

Lasalle College is having an open house on May 29th, register here

Congrats to all the fashion graduates! 

More photos & videos on my Facebook page @marciabcreative 

Photographer: SDB

May 11, 2018


My blog has been active for 10 years, it's time to celebrate! This year of 2018 marks a decade since I first started off my blog to document my creative journey as a fashion writer, photographer and former model. Social media has exploded since and blogging has given me opportunities to cover events in Canada and abroad, network with fellow fashionistas and collaborate with numerous brands. From photographing celebrities at New York Fashion Week to moving and placing in Montreal's fashion industry, it has been a fun ride.

Here are my top 10 fave blog moments to commemorate my blog-versary. A big thanks to everyone I've worked with and to all that follow me. And yes, the blogging continues! 

1. Being published in 3 different print issues of Metal Clay Artist magazine, which was available in 22 countries and to subscribers in 98 countries. Yes, it was pretty cool to walk into Chapters Indigo and see myself on the cover of a magazine. Read more about it, here and here.

2. Attending media events has been the icing on the cake for me, being a blogger you always get first dibs on new product releases, private restaurant launches and VIP treatment at fashion parties. Over the last 10 years, I've been to so many fun events that have given me the chance to grasp the evolution of social media marketing.  

3. With the growth of my blog, I had to seek out help from interns that would also attend media events with me or in my absence. The fact that I was able to offer networking opportunities to others via my online journal was important to me, as I wanted it to be a collective collaboration of creative individuals. My interns attended shows from Toronto to Tokyo. Read more about the interns I've worked with.

4. As my blog took a life of its own, I was able to network and connect with photographer John Smith who taught me everything I know about photography today. John had officially became my blog photographer and captured the best moments of Ottawa Fashion Week and various other events. 

5.  The ultimate aim of my blog was to feature Canadian talent as much as I could, therefore I worked with local fashion boutiques in Ottawa, as well as many designers from Canada. Covering fashion shows as media is always interesting as you get to see who is new on the local scene. One of my fave events had to be, "I AM FASHION, RIP THE FAB LANE". 

6. I've worked with so many brands, my funnest collaborations have been with Winners & Marshalls, Schwiing and Butter London.

7. My fave post on the blog had to be an honest article I wrote for anyone who aspires to work in the fashion industry.  Check it out, The Truth: Working in Fashion

8. I started blogging all my personal travels to fun destinations such as London, Paris, Amsterdam etc. Hence sharing my travel experience and advice. My most memorable destination so far was Santorini, Greece.

9. One of my fave gigs over the last 10 years was the Place D'Orleans Vlogger search in which I actually placed top 10. It was fun getting paid to shop and vlog! 

10. Launching my online store on Etsy, which was first a vintage shop and now has somehow morphed into a bikini boutique

Thanks for following the blog, lookout for a future travel post soon!