August 9, 2018

Summer Day at Jones Beach, NY

When I want to have a little down time in the bustling city of New York, I like to retreat to a beach. Last year, I visited Brighton Beach and toured Little Odessa, this summer, I decided to go to Jones Beach in Long Island which turned out to be the perfect getaway. 

 Jones Beach is a 6.5 mile stretch of white sand on the Atlantic Ocean hosting approximately 6 million visitors per year. The area is actually very well maintained, clean and environment friendly. See below, an aerial view of the beach.

If I had to choose between Brighton and Jones, I would definitely select Jones Beach. It's a better option as you are solely surrounded by ocean and sand, where as to Brighton there are apartment buildings surrounding the area and there is a lot of traffic from Coney Island. If you really want to detach from the city vibe, than going to Long Island is the solution. 

Jones Beach offers a plethora of activities, here's a list of what you can do besides swimming in the ocean:
  • Go fishing 
  • Surfing, Paddle-Boarding, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Sailing 
  • Miniature Golf, Shuffleboard, Basketball 
  • Visit a historic exhibit 
  • Learn about the marine environment at the Jones Beach Nature Center
  • Pool swimming at the historic West Bathhouse 
  • Playgrounds for Kids

The only downfall at Jones Beach was the dining options. One would imagine at such a nice place that there would be a classy terrace available where you can have a cocktail and appetizer, however there was less than a handful of concession stands available with meager options. Luckily, the beach offers free WiFi, so we decided to go to The Fisherman's Catch in Point Lookout, New York which was a quick 12 minute ride. 

 We lucked out with the cute anchor-themed restaurant which is located on the water. Of course, they are specialized in seafood, I definitely recommend it. 

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Along the boardwalk at Jones Beach, there are posters with historic photos depicting the area in its early days. There is also a 2 mile guided tour that you can book if you want to learn more about the landmark.

For more information on Jones Beach, click here

August 2, 2018


Warning, this post is for foodies! Going to New York City is always so much fun, after visiting so many times, one has to try something new. This time around, I decided to check out Smorgasburg NYC which is an outdoor food market held on  weekends hosting some of the best eats in New York.

In Montreal, the equivalent of Smorgasburg would be the "Food Truck Fridays", which is actually disappointing at times. Dishes offered can often look nice for an Instagram pic but don't taste that great.

Hence, I wasn't expecting much when going to Smorgasburg, but wait NEW YORK never disappoints and I was quickly blown away by all the delicious food.

Malai is the best ice cream I've tasted yet. I had the sea salt vanilla and orange fennel flavors, so delicious. Can they please open a location in Montreal? Kem Coba would have a run for its money. 

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Does a spaghetti donut sound strange to you?  It sure did to me.  After being convinced by the wife of the chef, I tried this unusual snack and it was actually really good, it simply tasted like a cheesy spaghetti. The chef noted it was good for someone who was craving spaghetti, however wanted to eat it on the go without the big mess. Well, there you have it, convenience at it's best for that busy NYC life.

If you go to Smorgasburg, try the classic Cremini Mushroom pizza at Woodfired Edibles. They have their mobile wood fire oven on site. Hands down, the best pizza I've had in a long time.

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The lovely ladies at Baonanas greeted me with samples of their banana pudding. I decided to try the original flavor and was instantly hooked. I have too many reasons to go back to NYC at this moment. 

At Smorgasburg, they have a cocktail area where you can order drinks, however you can't leave with alcohol outside of this area, which is kind of a bummer. In Montreal, there is no such rule at the food truck fest. So, I recommend to get your food first and bring it to the cocktail area where you can enjoy a drink at the bar stands with your snacks. 

Before leaving Smorgasburg, we had our final dish at Dosa Royale, which was an indian version of a pancake. Made fresh right in front of us, the spinach and cheese dosa was on point. 

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Hungry yet? This is only a small fraction of the mouth-watering food options at Smorgasburg. The event  goes on until November, so there is a plenty of time for anyone interested to make a stop whilst in NYC. 

July 26, 2018


Summer 2018 has been packed with so many events, a few weeks ago, I was invited to attend the AIM Festival as a VIP guest. I was really looking forward to this as I never had an experience quite like AIM which is an electronic music festival however the fun twist is that you can also camp on site during the 3 day fest. Doesn't that sound like fun?! All electronic music lovers are united on the same campsite to share the "AIM experience".

 For the 4th edition of AIM Festival, the campsite was fully booked, hundreds of tents swarmed Parc Carillon as the DJ lineup was very impressive. Top contenders of this year were Roger Sanchez, Claude Von Stroke and  David Gravell. 

In order to be prepared for AIM Festival, I had to go shopping for some outdoor gear, since I never actually camped outside. I glamped in the past, as seen in my post here, however this time around I was going to do the real thing. So, I went to Canadian Tire and got all my gear, including a 4 person tent from Outbound. Next stop, AIM Fest.

Once we arrived, we got our VIP passes and than headed to the VIP campsite to set up our tent, than off we went to enjoy the electronic music. 

At AIM Festival, there are 5 stages; ranging from trance, dub step, electro and mainstream house. It's really fun in a sense, that you can walk around from one stage to another and completely experience a whole different mood of music and crowd. If you feel more alternative, you can walk to the Bass Camp stage and than to switch up the vibe, go to the Monolithe stage and step into a different realm of music.

DJ David Gravell's set at the Trance stage was awesome, see the video below. 

 AIM also offers a mini food truck village and nearby kiosks selling club wear and rave accessories. Of course, I did some shopping, I came across the Toronto brand Zuzanium by Zuzana Grimm. I bought this metallic bikini top at 20$, handmade by the designer. Can't wait to wear it at a future event. 

AIM was definitely a cool experience, perhaps next year I would go back with my own RV and glamp in style! 

For those who don't have a tent or do not like camping, there is "Hotel Mobile" which is basically hotel rooms on wheels. For 60$/night, you have your own bedroom inside the trailer. Cool enough, if you're having a party such as a wedding and your guests need a place to stay but you don't have space for them, you can rent Hotel Mobile for your special event. 

We drove to the AIM Festival which is a quick 1 hour drive from Montreal, however for those who need transportation, the festival offers a shuttle bus service departing Montreal throughout the day. 

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