April 18, 2009

Fashionably late Spring Forecast!

Spring 2009 Fashion Forecast!

Fashionistas, we are finally back into flux, into a new era and spring fashions have finally arrived! In this momentum of worldly rejuvenation, this year’s spring fashion is giving all trendsetters huge hints of our current societal bubble. Recession is hard, Change has arrived and Obama mania has influenced the return of patriotism to the runways. Although we canucks would be rockin’ the red & white proudly, a lot of red, white and blue outfits have been seen across many runways. Every fashion designer is denoting the new political era and is expressing this through amazing looks! Although these looks may work for the first lady, the variety of silhouettes definitely cater to various populations!

The sailor theme is so hot this spring. Every vixen should hop on a boat and be Captain Fashionista! Wether it is the cutest monogram of hooks on your cotton t-shirt, a sailor embellished neck line or a nice gold brass chain detail on your belt, this style is ultra-chic and is so style-savvy for this spring. High waisted pants, shorts or skirts are in and go on board with the sailor look! The D&G spring 09 collection reveals sultry sailor looks from daytime sporty to evening posh. Every girl should sport the sailor look; it is classy and chic but remains sporty and function is key! Fashion rule: Do not rock the sailor style from head to toe! Wear one or two elements of this trend per outfit. The nautical look is hot but not when you start looking like a member of Gilligan’s island!

It’s all about the Neutral Dream this season! Sparkling nudes, effervescent tulles & dreams of taffeta adorned by bows are main components of the very feminine look that create the spring 09’ look. This spring’s fashion jury agrees that bows & ruffles are still current! Elie Saab’s wondrous collection demonstrates the delicacy of a bow at the neck mixed with a ruffle combination. This look is imperial, classic and refreshing for this season!

Two-piece suits are so current this spring, although they have such a corporate connotation, this season, two-piece suits are trendy and fun to wear! The Two-piece suits for spring 09 have an unconventional twist, they are seen in bold colors, adorned by amazing accessories such as long necklace type chains swaying around the neck or hanging off a pocket. The combinations of suits found on the runway are jackets paired with skirts, shorts, or a Frida pant which narrows at the legs. Gucci is no stranger to the Frida pant and is a strong promoter of this style! These options give the everyday corporate Jane, a variety of looks to choose from. Dressing for the office does not have to be so uniform anymore; it can be free, personified and you will actually feel like you are wearing a different outfit everyday!

Once again, flouncy dresses should always be worn in spring along with cute yummy gift box clutches as seen on numerous runways. Dresses in colors that pop and that detain a very mature floral print are perfect. Cute simple jumper dresses are a quick but great fashion choice and are so convenient for a girl on the go who still wants to remain fashionable but casual. Any spring-y, fun dress à la Whitney Porter is approved by the fashion council!

This year, fashion is diversified and finds itself at every corner of the stylistic spectrum. A fusion of an art deco Indian look is current and very trendy for the eco hipster and subtle hints of animal print are not passed due and should be incorporated in your fashion portal, especially for a wild girl’s night out! You can’t go wrong with an animal print clutch, especially a pink one! Ethnic hints are found everywhere on runways this spring and are mixed with other ethnicities. The love making of an African pattern with a native canvas gives birth to bold electric colors that are so new wave. The concept of craftsmanship is very well exemplified; the thought of going back to rustic basics is felt and Is definitely expressed through the symbiosis of art deco mixed with ethnic elements. Louis Vuitton’s spring collection seems like as if my grandmother’s awesome closet was remixed by a very fashionable native tribe, the vintage & the amazing native culture create an interesting fashion forward look!

Skin is in and should be showed off through Sequin/Sheer clothing items. It is a fashion must to show your neckline through a sheer flesh toned fabric! This peek-a-boo concept is an embodiment of the releasing aspect of spring. Designers have interpreted the sheer look this spring in so many different ways but always in nude or sweet pastels. This style concept is connected to the nude fad this season. Nude + Nude ÷ Sheer = Sheer Simplicity!

In your accessory basket, you should have bows to adorn your dress’ neckline, your hair or it could be on your belt. This will add a cute look to any outfit. Bright colored accessories for a night out, necklaces created by an amalgam of ethnic components also add character. Leggings are not totally dismissed yet, and are seen more as an accessory this season; they are lightly glittered and very sheer! Last of all; do not forget the fierce oversized sunglasses.

As for foot candy, the shoe craze is still the beloved chunky platform stiletto that never ceases to scream SEX! The twist with this beloved shoe is that a NUDE colored platform stiletto is undeniably in vogue and redefines the sexiness of the shoe, subtle in color but sharp in structure! A wonderfully colored floral dress paired with nude platform stilettos is simply tasteful. Also, the monotone theme of this spring is great and demonstrates that nude on nude is functional. Moschino’s collection shows that wearing nude on nude works and you should not be afraid to try it, choose a nude that is right for your skin tone and you are set to go along with this trend!

This year’s stilettos are characterized as having wide banded styles, fringes, some have a simulated laced-up style with thick bands of fabric which are super edgy for that grunge chic femme. While others are more on the simpler softer side, all these styles are mostly in nudes but colorful shoes are more than in for spring too!

The body conscious memo is that the part of the body that you want to emphasize over and over again is your waist. I have been witnessing a lot of kimono inspired type waists this season; Chlo√© & Louis Vuitton encourage this style! It’s all about highlighting the womanly shape and making sure to show off those curves by accenting your waist with a nice wide belt. As for color 411, the color palette for this spring stretches once again from one end to the other…from the very basic shimmery nudes, escalating to pastels, splashing through punchy orange and sailing to very proud patriotic colors, any color can be worn!

This spring = New era and rebirth of fashion. Replenish your wardrobe and be prepared for this season! The Notes to jot down in your fashionista diary for spring 09’ are the following:

  • Nude on nude will work on me.
  • Two piece suits are no longer boring.
  • Lightly Glittered/ Sheer leggings are a total “OUI!”
  • High waisted skirts, pants, shorts should be a basic essential in my wardrobe.
  • I will be a sultry sailor and assure to rock every boat.
  • It’s all about the bows & ruffles.
  • Short Dresses in bright colors will never go out of style.
  • Ethnic elements add character to any outfit.
  • I will not get a warrant for scandalously showing my skin through sheer fabrics.
  • I pledge to rock a chunky “sex in the city” platform stiletto in a nude tone all night!

Reminder to all fashionistas: You must have a check mark beside each of these items by the end of spring and make sure you leave a few blank pages for the summer trends! Until than…strut down the runway!

Marcia B.

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