May 18, 2009


In the simple words of my dear friend, photographer John Smith: “The Ottawa Fashion scene is growing fast, like Toronto in the 70’s and 80’s”. It is a fact that the Ottawa Fashion scene has been bustling in the last 2 years like crazy, with the arrival of Ottawa Fashion week, Capital Fashion week, the Capital clothing show and awesome magazines like The Dinner Jacket.
These are all huge hints that Ottawa is building a fashion platform and a plague of fashionites are residing in this governed city! The “I AM FASHION” show was a definite reaffirmation of Ottawa talent and was also very “funky fresh”. This event organized by Gwen Madiba featured local Ottawa designers and models struttin’ down the catwalk! Not only was the music poppin’, but the models killed the runway with their fierce struts. The male models were so statuesque and who could forget the two sets of really hot twins that were on fire? One model to be noticed was Jennifer Jean who turned the runway into Fierce Street! Honey, do you walk like that on a daily basis? Wow, Amazing!

The show had a very successful turn out and did the crowd ever look good? Ottawa was fashion ready, ladies and gents came correct to the event, everyone was looking delectably fashionable and the whole event was ONE collective runway. The collections that were showcased were diverse, varied in inspirations and explicitly appeased the audience. Amongst the numerous talented fashion designers that were featured, here are a few fashion highlights of the night: Lewd Vanilla Lingerie by Alison Verch was sexy and had all eyes are on her risqué designs! The Polkadore swimwear collection by Claudia Banchini was super hot and is such an awesome reminder that summer time is just about here! The naval inspired swimsuits were precisely in symbiosis with this year’s top summer looks. Ladies, this designer is the one to go to for your new swimsuit!

Tanyta Boldon’s collection was off the chain, every item that came down the fab lane was the epidemy of urban eccentricity. Every lady in the audience had their eye on a favorite outfit and every guy was staring in “awe” of how great the designs looked on the models!

Photo Credit: Muse M.

Mireille Minga is a great contributor to African Fashion, her designs depict the ethnic roots of Africa through the delicate marriage of joyful fabrics & patterns intertwined with very innovative craftsmanship. This gold dress that was showcased at the very end is African couture at its finest; the neck detailing was utter beauty, a blossoming of fabric juxtaposed in the perfect way.

Designer, Claira Calderone’s fashion creations has been seen on the runways of Ottawa in the last few years; her chic collection was “muy sabrosa” and translated her style as divalicious Latina with a flare. Miss Ottawa Latina, Dayni Mina graced the runway wearing Claira’s designs and rocked that sash!

Photo Credit: Muse M.

On the edgy spectrum of fashion, Sebxet Fashions were found once again on the runway! Tracy Carter’s line was presented and caught the attention of the audience once again with her daring designs; her punk/grunge/edgy fashion creations scoured the runway and were unforgettable! Caution: The leather dress with the handcuff detail at the back was prophetic! The designer’s plaid detailed bustier was epic and complimentary to her collection!

Nonetheless, the crowd was thrilled by the showcase of designers. I AM FASHION presented by Gwen Madiba is a true confession of the internal passion & effort to upstage the up and coming fashion movement in Ottawa. Gwen, a master student at University of Ottawa, is truly an inspiring figure, promoting a platform in which local talent can be displayed is a communal gesture and a sincere belief in the Ottawa fashion scene. The premiere of “Just Gwen” was imprinted on the catwalk and demonstrated a variety of styles. As she mentioned, her collection is just her, it represents so many things, and she could not pinpoint one thing. Her fashion sense is a window to her creative mind, not pinpointing one look but creating a diversity of looks that cater to all moods, styles and body shapes. Gwen’s collection had a great stance; it totally ripped the fab lane and rocked the dance floor! Note to self: Add white tuxedo jacket to my wish list. “Just Gwen” = Explicit Fabulosity!

All in all, the “I AM FASHION” event was phenomenal, the crowd’s energy was mind-blowing, the turn out represented the immense support for the Ottawa fashion scene. The fashion movement in the Capital is underlined and in bold. To all Ottawa Fashionistas, if you have an itch for it…SCRATCH! Until than…xoxx.
Marcia B.

Sebxet Fashions
Video Credit: Marcia B.

Video Credit: Marcia B.

"Just Gwen"
Video Credit: Marcia B.

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