August 26, 2009

My NYC Fashionista Trip!

I'm finally back in Ottawa. I had a sickkk time in NYC! Partying, shopping, Garment District, 5th avenue, etc...all the fun fashionista activities. Here are some pics! Results of my photo shoot will be posted soon! xox

We made it a point to hit Jamba Juice everyday!

The Accessory district was a dream!

I went crazy in this shop.

We weren't allowed pictures, but i managed to sneak some shots past security.

The exposé downstairs was amazing and there was security everywhere, i sneaked a quick video for you bloggers. Security told me i could go to jail for that lol

Night out in Times square!

Haha it was a crazy night!

Less than 2hrs of sleep, we went on a Viator Tour at the Garment District, it was worth it!

Samples sales!

Banfi Zambrelli

In the showroom.

Shoes galore!

Designer, Renée Burman, she designs for Neiman Marcus and other known boutiques.

We got good deals!

At mood fabric!

3 levels of fabric!

My girl Cali at work, she's a fashion designer!

The owner of Mood lets his dog wander around a fabric store!!?

At MJ trimming, best place!

My fave accessories.

In Prada, we hit the shops on 5th avenue, it was sick.

Prada boots.

Night out at Pink Elephant, it was crazzy!

Me & NYPD lol

I had a photo shoot at Fort Tyron Park in Washington Heights. I had the best team!

I'll post the results very soon!

I had the best intern Chaz and best MUA Chevy! The models were amazing too!

Alot of partyin' this trip, i had a great time!



thesydneygirl said...

wowowow! hey beautiful! looks like you had a fabulous time!!! i love that NYPD shot! i have a thing for a man in uniform ;P mwa

Shin said...

So many pictures!! You and your friends are one gorgeous group of ladies! My jaw dropped on the picture of shoes! I would go crazy if I were in there!

The fingerless gloves I posted on my blog are from ASOS but they're like $300.00! I found a pair more affordable on Free people! xxoxoxo

Lady Thirty said...

I love NY!
looking forward to see the pictures from your photo shoot :)

take care!

Patty Ann said...

WOWWWWWWWW it looks like you had sooooooo much fun! you really made it the perfect fashionista trip! That was so many shoes! I love how you documented your trip, fashionable people at trendy places!! xx

Patty Ann said...

p.s. thank you for your comment! pls come back and visit again!!

Couture Carrie said...

So fun, darling! Looks like an amazing trip! I need to go to the Museum at FIT asap!


Ms. Butterfly said...

I am excited can't wait to see the results of your photoshoot. These shots are fun to look at, glad you had fun in NYC and you look lovely in everyshot!

YoQueSe said...

eeeeeh, stunning photos and you look so great in all!!

kiss darling


CAMILLE said...

looks like LOADS of fun!!!

Fashion&Such said...

looks like you had loads of fun!
adore all the outfits.
and those shoes on the table, YUM!

MAGDArling said...

ahh, so want to go to NY someday;D obviously u had a gr8 time which i can tell by looking at those pics;))) looking forward to photos from the session;D

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i just went to NYC too...but my pictures are not nearly as fun as yours!
what a cool post - love all of that shoe shopping!

*Dith* said...

oh wow!! i just came back from NYC too. Dont u just love that city?? so much to see, so much to shop!! i'll def be visiting more often. next time, i'm going with an empty box so that way i can come back with a box full.
lovely pics. u've got me reminiscing already!!

cchaoticc said...

omg I envy you soo much!! u musted to have a great time.. and sooo much fabric woow.. i would go crazy back in times when i was sewing clothes for rave parties haha xD

M O D E R N O T T A W A said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I gotta go there at some point. Cool photos. So many shoes :) I'm looking forward to see the final pictures from your photo shoot.
- Marie

The Freakum Dress said...

New York looks amazing ! It's a dream to go there, why the hell am i afraid by plane ????!

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

ok, im jealous!!!

hihi. hope you had a fab time!!

Would you fancy exchanging links??


Marcia B. said...

Thank you all for the comments! I had a freaking amazing time, i can't wait to go back. I really want to go to Pari----ee lol

Angie said...

hey girl! loved this post. lots of stuff going on. aww jealous. i want to go back to new!! thanks for the comment. your sooo funny, made me laugh. glad you missed me blog . u should visit more, hint. you look cute in all the pics by the way. cant wait to see your new photos. n guess wat im a follower now... yay!!

angie xoxo

The Freakum Dress said...

Thank u for your long comment, I have taken out my english/french dictionnary :) & I like u to appreciate my blog ! I hope i am gonna fly to NY soon !!
What do u mean about Le Marais ? I didn't understood ( i am sorry my english is not really good :) ) , but i can say it's a lovely area, make u feel as if u walk in a movie ..

The Freakum Dress said...

Alors réponse en français , tu es plus douée que moi avec l'anglais ! Je n'habite pas à Paris mais à Dijon, mais j'ai eu l'occasion d'y aller (c'est plus simple quand il n'y a pas un océan à traverser ..) et c'est vraiment très joli ! Je te souhaite de pouvoir y aller car je suppose que l'atmosqphère est assez différente des USA, et Paris est tellement belle !

clarewbrown said...

It looks like you had the most amazing time! You all are so gorgeous too! Thanks for sharing all of these splendid photos with us. They were quite enertaining

Marian said...

looks like a wonderful time honey,loving all the images.fab!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

looks like you had a great time, lovely pics! Gotta love NY ;)

Ilse said...

woooohh that looks like.. too much fun to handle! gosh I wanna go to NY as well right now.

Valencia Lia said...

Beautiful beautiful photos and look like you had an awesome time at NY !!

I love Mood fabric store and all those accessories store too ! Could totally go crazy in there <3


wooooow great pictures!!!
You all are really beautiful!
And wooow that purple dress! AMAZING!

Yeah, it's my place! Thanksss!!! :D

Really love your blog!!

Tori said...

This looks like sooo much fun! I can't wait until I visit there someday. =D

Artamisia said...

Great blog! I really want to go to ny too!

WildFlower said...

aw man this looks like shopping heaven! All those fabric and accessories I wudda gone nuts too!

ANN said...

So lucky you went to NYC, it looks like you had so much fun! I want to go there so badly now haha.

Nataliexxx said...

Ahhhh! looks great out there!

Patty Ann said...

more pictures of ny please!!! post pictures of your beautiful self and stylish outfits! i miss miss you!

Wendy said...

this is so cool!! it must be fun.. i could see tht in every pics and gosh.. 'em shoes? totally rock! :)


Viva La Fashion said...

oooh, that looks like so much fun. i haven't yet decided what i think of the yellow obama dress. hm....

:) thanks for sneaking a few shots past security for us.

Miss Pico Union said...

I still can't believe i've never been to N.Y geez.... But looks like you had a ton of fun, I can't wait till get to go... Someday.... Hopefully!... Anyways you have a great blog and can't wait to see your photos...

Thanks for hanging out on the blog.
The Youth.

Will be following you....

Marcia B. said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! xoxox

UnoCosa said...

don't you just love Mood and MJ - great spots!!! looks like you guys had great time, come back more often :)), xoxo

samantha ezra. said...

wow! major shoe envy. looks like you had fun!

smokylash said...

Hey thanks for your comment !
I love this serie of photos, very cool , nd the alexander mc queen dress ("obama") is gorgeous, but i have never seen it in a reality !

I will come back , like you .. I hope !

magicnina said...

Sure, you had a great time! Shopping in NY.. that's something I want to do minimum once in my life:)

L. said...

You're beatifull !!!
jealousy haa

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