May 31, 2011

Angie's Models & Talent Showcase!

The Angie’s Models & Talent showcase was fantastic! Fashion & talent agents from Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Japan and Thailand were present to scout the Angie’s Models & Talent roster. Paul Weber from MGM Studios in Los Angeles was seen in the front row as models strutted down the runway at the Canadian War Museum! 

I loved Angie’s upbeat energy! She was looking and feeling great, kept the audience enticed and most importantly her combative spirit was very inspiring!

Angie & Lou Seymour

I loved watching the kids & teen division! The burst of personality on the runway was on point, the models had spunk and were so adorable!

At the Angie’s Models & Talent Showcase, i favorited so many models. Here is my model shout out list! Models #...caught my eye!

Herieth is my all time favorite model from Angie's model roster! There is no doubt she is a supermodel! She has great composure, an awesome attitude and a silent flair that strikes explicitly. Work it!!!

The Angie's Models & Talent Showcase was an evening of FASHION. The designer & merchant lineup was appetizing and left us all wanting more. I loved Micalla, Modern Trendz, Demu Label, Sukhoo Sukhoo, Stroked Ego, Amber Watkins, only to name a few!

Candids at The Angie's Models & Talent Showcase!

Gabby & I, had a great time and we loved our swag bags!

Angie's daughter, Helena Alexis Seymour!

DJ Ilon & Angie

Tania & Sarouen of Taste of Fashion, Me & Gabby


Angie's Superstar Intern, Grace! 


 Angie's Christian Louboutins!

More of Angie's fresh faces!


Photo Credits: John Smith


A Fine Balance said...

Harieth was definitely fierce that night. IT was truly a great event.

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing pics!
Gorgeous models!


Mizdragonfly said...

The showcase is always a fun time - so sad to have missed it this year (but the Toronto Clothing Show was well worth it ;)


Erika said...

What a gorgeous array of beautiful people - j'adore these pictures! :)

LoveK said...

Wicked post and wonderful photos! Love it!

Andrés Corella said...

Great pics..That first model is incredibly cute haha..Oh and I love Twenty York Street she always looks amazing!

The Black Label

MelRod said...

Oooh love the blue swimsuit!!!

I need to visit so I can attend all the glamorous fashion events you go to! :)


Demüre said...

great shots !! thanks so much for coming !! love the pics you got of the demu superheroes!!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Hi Marcia! Oh MY! All the models look so gorgeous and the guy in the transparent raincoat is my favorite, haha. I love the clothes too! The guys in the matching set look so cute! Thank you for such a wonderful comment by the way! It makes me feel a lot better! xoxoxoo

20 York Street said...

Hello M!

You took some really fantastic shots at Angie's Showcase! I only caught the tail-end of the show, as you and everyone else knows (I'm still embarassed!) but for what I've seen, it's been an impressive show as always!

Thank you for including my photo here with Angie!

p.s. Thanks Andy, what a sweet thing to say!



Anonymous said...

Um WOOOW! SO many gorgeous people in one place should not be allowed.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

oh i really like this fashion show--big fan of demu label!

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

The show looks amazing- but not as amazing as you! Can't wait to post your guest blog- it will be live tomorrow! :)

agnes said...

de magnifiques photos, j'adore le maillot de bain bleu

Anonymous said...

amazing shots!! it was definitely a great event!!

Enjoyed DJing this event!!