June 20, 2011

Funk Your Junk!

Funk Your Junk is the "IT" spot in Ottawa to find unique gifts and treasures for everyone! The Funk Your Junk store is highly visited by tourists and local funky shoppers, it is the number one destination for one of a kind conversation pieces! I had the pleasure to visit this museum of treasures and it was ultimate sensory overload, there are so many awesome items to discover.

Meet Angie (Junky) and Henri (Funky), owners of the Funk Your Junk store at 110 Parent Avenue. Junky & Funky are extremely innovative and have the gift of transforming unconventional items into high fashion clothing and accessories. They also happen to be the funkiest people in the National Capital Region!

Sketch by Henri (Funky)

Angie and Henri showed me around their store and it was an afternoon of bohemian, vintage & retro fun! Here are 4 hot looks that can be found at Funk Your Junk, check out our amazing model Miranda and read my interview with Junky & Funky!

What is the Funk Your Junk store about?

Funk Your Junk is all about funky environmental fashions. We love using things twice! At our store, we transform previously loved items into fashionable clothing and accessories for everyone at every price range.

Victorian Femme! Lace bow gloves - Bombshell, Steampunk necklace - Joan

Why is the concept of eco-fashions important to Funk Your Junk?

Funk Your Junk is conscious about our future generations and their environmental safety. We believe that if everyone owned at least one second-hand item of clothing, it would make a symbolic difference. Shopping at Funk Your Junk makes you fashionably unforgettable, but most importantly it makes you feel great as you are participating in protecting our planet!
Corset & Mask - Bombshell, Skirt - Junky

Does Funk Your Junk carry local designers?

Funk Your Junk supports local talent and features a great variety of local designers. We also carry unique clothing from design students of Richard Robinson. We are always accepting new local designers to feature at our store. If you are a designer, give us a call and book an appointment!

Funky Chick! T-Shirt - Teahead, Skirt - Junky, Button rings - Funky, Retro Album bag - Unbeige

How does one funk his/her junk?

 There are so many cool ways to funk your junk. It’s all about looking at an item and thinking about what it could become. It’s about using old fabrics and materials to create an unforgettable clothing item with great history behind it. In our jeans section, you can find previously loved jeans that have been embroidered, patched, distressed and refurbished into a new pair of stylish jeans!

Sunflower hat, Shades & Funky Blue Mocassins - Previously loved, Cool Bird Cage - Funky
What are the most popular items at Funk Your Junk?

Our wrapper bags are very popular. They are made out of recycled candy and chip bags which is super funky. These scrumptious pouches will have all your friends ranting about them! Customers love to use these as change purses and make-up bags. 

 We are known for our great selection of hats! Check out our funky customer sporting one of our hats.

We also carry a wicked selection of buttons! Customers love our Archie buttons, we also have dictionary words & map versions available. 

The wrapper belt is also a favorite item at Funk Your Junk!

What is the "Suited for Success" program about?

We created the “Suited for Success” program to provide business attire to struggling individuals who are in the workforce or seeking employment. Throughout the donations of work attire, ultimate confidence is given to individuals who are in need of professional clothing. We work with United Way and other great organizations to find candidates that can benefit from the “Suited for Success” program. We are also grateful to Hilary Cleaners for offering free dry cleaning services for our suits! Come and drop off your previously worn business attire at Funk Your Junk and help suit struggling men and women for success!

Kickin' it in Pink! Suede Hat, Shoes & Earrings - Previously loved, Silk genie jumper - India, Lace bracelet - Junky

What is Junky, the treasure hunter seeking for?

At the moment, Funk Your Junk is on the prowl for dear antlers, if you happen to have this treasure I am seeking for, contact our store. Funk Your Junk loves to help customers who are on a hunt for specific items, whether you are a treasure hunter, a set designer, a prop stylist…Funk Your Junk may just have your coveted jewel. Call us!

Boho Chic! Vase Hat, Steampunk necklace - Joan, Silverware Bracelet - Hassan

Lace Top - Junky, Sandals - Nomads

More funky treasures at Funk Your Junk!

At Funk Your Junk, it's all about peace, love & happiness! Your shopping experience will be more than memorable. Angie & Henri welcome their customers with open arms and always show them a funky time!

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Photo Credits: John Smith



AVE-MARIA said...

Very unique store
I like the wrapper bags they are so funny and nice
Enjoy your evening


Andrés Corella said...

Ohh I am in heaven right now!! So many awesome items..I tell you as fast as I read the word retro I´ll be all over it in a matter of nanoseconds haha...the belts are just too cool!

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Mizdragonfly said...

Hadn't heard about the store... and it's so close to work, I might have to drop by at lunchtime this week!


Girls just wanna have..style! said...

oh wow!it's all so awesome!
Great post!


A Fine Balance said...

I actually ran by this place when I was walking int he market. IT was closed but I am s o looking forward to stepping inside :)

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Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

What an amazing shop! I love the red and pink phones in the window. The recyled clothes creations are wonderful too.

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Really fun post!
Especially loving those lace gloves!


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Ohmigosh I LOVE that Troll doll - too cute. I seriously want to live in this shop! :)

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What an incredible boutique!!! Lovely interview. :)


Fashion Cappuccino said...

There are so many things I love about their store! Including the name! So funny, catchy and cute! The recycled bags are my favorite! xoxoxoo

Oh to Be a Muse said...

the silver jewelry and the archie comics and buttons are super, super awesome! the window display alone is really cool--love those telephones!

wonderful post dear. :)

Tinfoils Tiaras said...

Great post Marcia- I've been to Funk your Junk once before and loved all the Archie comic memorabilia! I didn't know they did Suited for Success- sounds very similar to Dress for Success, where I volunteer.

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What a fab post hun! Love everything : ) Happy Thursday xxw

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Liking some of those rings :)

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I like those colorful bird cages! I've never heard of the store but now will keep an eye for it!

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I sure do wish that I lived in Ottawa to visit this niffty store! So cool and cute! :D

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What an incredible looking store! I'm sure it must be even more amazing in person! The bags are my favourite; aren't they gorgeous! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!


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This sounds like such a cool store! I wish I could go there. Love the Marie Antoinette corset and lace gloves! =)


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I could make out the credibility of the store by looking at the pictures. Simply amazing collection ...Even the name 'Funk Your Junk' is quite creative....nice work ....

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