July 20, 2011

Daniela Millan Jewelry - MB Fashion Week Swim!

Daniela Millan showcased her succulent jewelry designs with delicious swimwear by Aquarella at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2012. The show was highly favorited by Miami's fashionable crowd! The Bikini Fashionista swears solely by Daniela Millan jewelry, her latest collection features gorgeous pieces that automatically add that perfect glow to your appearance. Shop Daniela Millan jewelry on Ole Unlimited!


Read full coverage of the Aquarella Swimwear show featuring Daniela Millan Jewelry at Mercedes Benz  Fashion Week Swim 2012 on The Bikini Fashionista!

Daniela & Lorena Millan
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Runway photos courtesy of:  Zimbio


Bani said...

I absolutely adore the last pair of earrings

Andrés Corella said...

Wow..great jewelry..and I like some of the swimsuits too!

The Black Label "don´t miss my coverage of the runways from Fashion Week Panama"

Happy Brunette said...

Wow!! What lovely jewelery and swimsuits! So pretty! ♥

Anonymous said...

stunning! what a fab post :)
those turquoise earrings are too dreamy.


Couture Carrie said...

OMG loooooove this post, darling!
The bikinis are bodacious and the jewels stunning!
Some amazing combos here!


Linh @ La-La Linh said...

Beautiful! Love all of the swimsuits too :)

WonderWoman25 said...

Love the jewelry and those swimsuits looks great!

Thanks for visiting and following my blog!


Rimona said...

Wow great collection, love it!
ANd thank you for leaving your sweet comment on my outfit ♥


marialε said...

in love with the earrings!
My Fashion Bug

Fashion-Resort! said...

beautiful beach wear!<3

High Street Priestess said...

Oooh gorgeous. I would love a holiday wardrobe like that! x

AVE-MARIA said...

thank you sweety for your comment
I like the black bikini's so much. I've searched for so long a black one but did'nt found.
I wish you a good night and sweet dreams


DailyGlamour said...

I think i love all !

Temporary:Secretary said...

Thank you for blogging about these accessories, i love jewellery posts! x

Marissa D said...

love them both!but i think i like the jewellery a biit more :-)

Francesca Felix said...

ooh that black one piece is my favorite!! great photos

Claire said...

love this post!

~~ x♥x♥

LV said...

Gorgeous swimsuits and jewelry! I love it!


Anonymous said...

love thiss!
please visit my blog, would be an honour
It's Fashion Damnit

High Heeled Life said...

Gorgeous jewellery!! ... the swimsuits are great too... know is I could only remember where I left my bikini body ..;) Happy Thursday..xo HHL

P.S. Hope its a tad cooler in your corner. T.O. is under major heat wave! and even where we are Caledon it is very! very ! hot...xo

Alexx said...

Thanks a lot! :)

These swimsuits are really nice!!


Nana said...

I really like those jewels, but I guess I'd never wear them to the beach! They'd be all over my tan XD

Alicia said...

Love the swimwear & accessories very much! The black swimsuit is my favorite!
Mundo de Alicia ❤

Fabíola Beltrão said...

ow, amazing... how are u, dear?


Erika said...

I am loving the pieces in the first picture!! :)

ChiccaStyle said...

Great collaboration!!!Love this fashion show and the swimsuits are adorable!

Tights Lover said...

That is definitely some stunning jewelry!

Inez of Style Chic 360 said...

those suits are hot!

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

Absolutely gorgeous! My favorites are the first 2 swimsuits...love!


Becca. said...

love the second and fourth photos! what gorgeous jewellery x

thanks for the comment on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

Loving this post, loving these suits.



Molto ❤ Fashion said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I love how sinewy and delicate the designs are- they almost look like they washed up on a tropical beach. I always gravitate toward jewelry like that. x

freesia said...

Beautiful line!!!! Adore the flower pins!!!!!

Lupe said...

Such a great collection!! :)
follow each other? x

Amer said...

thank you so much for the beautiful post featuring ole unlimited and daniela millan

Mariloé said...

thanks for following.. following you now also =)
Have a nice day

Melina said...

thanks seetie, just followed back :D
Talk to you soon ;)

Camille S. said...

Of course, i'm following you :)

Jeff Hardy said...

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sabrina oliveratta said...

Wonderful Jewelry

Trendy Curvy Girly said...

Ces maillots sont sublime ! j'adore le trikini noir entrelacé, il est très jolie.
Mais dis moi tu parle très bien français!

zircon said...

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Lorena said...

Miami Swim week looked like fun! Took a minute to look around and u have a really cool site here. I added you thru Google Friend Connect..maybe we can follow each other? I just started my blog 4 months ago about travel and design and I would appreciate the support so, so much!.. I want to make it a place where people can come for inspiration and escape. Please come visit soon and hopefully you like it enough to follow along also :-)
Thank you and have a beautiful day!

Hugs from NYC