July 18, 2011

Miami Swim Week - Lifestyle Retreat Lounge!

Hello Bikini Fashionistas, I decided to do some blog travelling to Miami Swim Week with The Bikini Fashionista! The Bikini Fashionista is addicted to fashionable swimsuits and loves scouting the newest swimwear trends. Meet Shekinah Johnson, The Bikini Fashionista's intern and fashion blogger of LoveThyCloset.com! Shekinah went to check out the Lifestyle Retreat Lounge  and mingled amongst Miami’s finest swimwear fanatics, read her full coverage on TheBikinifashionista.com

Shekinah Johnson
 The Bikini Fashionista's intern, Shekinah had a fantastic time at the Lifestyle Retreat Lounge, a weekend of fashion, relaxation and beautiful Miami weather!

At the Lifestyle Retreat Lounge, Shekinah pampered herself to a make-up session with Celebrity make-up artist Ashunta Sheriff. Ashunta suggests every bikini fashionista to use primer on the eyes before applying eye shadow to beat the summer heat.This will prevent your shadow from becoming dull, great tip!

 At the Lifestyle Retreat Lounge, many talented designers were spotted...and guest what? Fabulous Jewelry designer, Daniela Millan was there!

 The Bikini Fashionista loves Daniela Millan Jewelry! Shekinah interviewed Daniela Millan and got the full scoop on her jewelry designs, read the full interview on TheBikiniFashionista.com.

Lorena Millan, Shekinah Johnson & Daniela Millan

Daniela Millan describes her jewelry as sophisticated, unique and feminine! This edgy leather bracelet by Daniela Millan is favorited by The Bikini Fashionista, find her jewelry designs on OleUnlimited.com!

 Jewels by Dunn was at The Lifestyle Retreat Lounge!

Shekinah & Taryn Aronson, designer of Jewels by Dunn!

Taryn Aronson displayed her decadent jewels at The Lifestyle Retreat Lounge and left every bikini fashionista craving for more. Jewels by Dunn is delicious, earthy, funky and perfect to pair with your fashionable swimwear! 

Miami's fashionistas were FASHION-READY with their festive attire! Shekinah spotted these stylish ladies at The Lifestyle Retreat Lounge.

The Photo Booth at the Lifestyle Retreat Lounge was a crowd favorite! Ria Michelle & Amanda had alot of fun!

Loved the energy at The Lifestyle Retreat Lounge!

At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - Swim 2012...

Photo Credit: MBFW

Photo Credit: MBFW

Photo Credit: MBFW

Photo Credit: MBFW

Photo Credit: MBFW

Photo Credit: MBFW

Photo Credit: MBFW

Photo Credit: MBFW

Photo Credit: MBFW

Photo Credit: MBFW

 The Bikini Fashionista's intern, Shekinah Johnson, will be going to see the Aquarella Swim Show featuring Daniela Millan jewelry at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2012, this evening! Lookout for more coverage on Miami Swim Week on The Bikini Fashionista!

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Kris said...

loving the colors and jewelry in this post...

The swimsuits are gorgeous ... :D


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