April 1, 2012


 Make Up Forever offers professional make-up products that are used for every facet of the industry. Their long lasting products are available to professional settings as well as public consumers. Make-up guru Dany Sanz is the creator behind this genius brand, offering 26 tones of foundations, assuring every skin tone is covered! 

 I had a make-up consultation with Lindsey & Karina from the Make Up Forever head office in Montreal at Rideau Centre's buzzing Sephora. I had the fantastic opportunity to try on the high defintion make-up and received a customized make-up session. Professional make-up artist Karina demonstrated the revolutionary make-up line and showed me how versatile the Make Up Forever product can be! It's all about modern mixology, you can mix colors and products at your liking, therefore you can lighten or darken foundation, according to purpose. Whether going out for a night out on the town, or using Make Up Forever for a glamorous photoshoot, your desired coverage will be attained.

The Make Up Forever gurus gifted me the 3 Step HD Starter kit, the first step consist of utilizing the primer, it is important to pick the primer that suits your skin undertone, I highly recommend to consult with a make-up artist at Sephora to choose your corresponding primer.

Second step: The HD invisible cover foundation is oil-free, it neutralizes shine and nourishes your skin all at once. After sampling it at my make-up session, the consensus was that it gave the right amount of corverage, adding a soft glow to the skin, feels light and not heavy, which is perfect. I absolutely love the Kabuki brush that comes along with microfinish powder, which is the third step to the HD starter kit. This compact brush evenly distributes the powder on your face resulting in a beautifully finished application.

 As a fashion blogger, you are constantly attending chic events, at times, you may be indecisive on what type of make-up look you should wear? What lip color to wear? The Make Up Forever ladies encouraged me to be bold with my lipstick choices, utlizing their innovative color wheel, they picked a juicy color that complemented my complexion and hair color. Rouge Artist Intense is the beautifully creamy lipstick collection introduced by Make Up Forever, it feels soft and smooth on the lips. After sampling color 27, I knew I had to have it, it is now in my purse at all times. I was also stunned by their lenghtening waterproof mascara, I always considered to have short lashes, Karina showed me different by using this product, my lashes were longer than ever, this is a must-have item!

I absolutely fell in love with the liquid blush, it goes on smoothly, gives you the look of a  "kissed glow".

 The Make Up Forever ladies made my experience at Sephora blissful, I completely recommend fashionistas to use Make Up Forever, it feels like you have nothing on your face and the wear lasts long. The ladies were telling me about the proloft at the montreal head office, I plan on visiting the proloft and getting an insider's view as to what goes on behind the beauty industry, look out for this blog post. I have successfully added Make Up Forever to my beauty r√©pertoire, I highly recommend all you beauty enthusiasts to use this product!

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Magisahel said...

I bought a primer : the pink one for fair skin.
Love it.
I want to try the high definition foundation.