September 26, 2012

Elephtheria Couture

Elephtheria Couture UK has launched their new collection! I caught up with talented designer, Elephtheria Xenos to view and photograph her new collection. Read my past interview with "Rhea", all her garments are uniquely made-to-measure and can be customized to your liking. This season's collection emotes influences of what could be the contemporary "Ella Enchanted". Sheer fabrics, wools, subtle colors and a touch of lace, make this collection particularly romantic. 

Sheer is all the buzz for this season. Elephtheria introduces her own classic take of this popular trend, this dress can be worn many ways as demonstrated. Wear it from day to evening! Find this dress in Ottawa at Boutique Victoire. 

Simply wear it to a cocktail soirée or to a fashionable event like Ottawa Fashion Week.  Pop down the shoulders for a more dramatic look.

Enchanted in the woods, this season's colors are forest-like and characterized with daring cuts. I absolutely love this wool and cotton combo. The beautiful floral accents add that "one of a kind" flare to the dress. 

A definite favorite from the newly launched collection, with a high racer neckline and an edgy back finish, this dress is sure to fly off the racks.  Elephtheria offers a contagious color combination onto a very unique design.  

Sweet Romanticism at Elephtheria Couture

Visit Elephtheria's online shop and treat yourself to your personally customized Elephtheria dress! 
Elephtheria couture ships internationally.


Jen said...

Such beautiful dresses!! So unique!

chocolatefashioncoffee said...

great dresses :)

Petite Adventures said...

Such great dresses and I love how they're versatile!


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