September 4, 2012

Place D'Orleans Fashion Vlogger Search!

Imagine shopping and vlogging about your exciting fashion finds at Place D'Orleans and receiving 300$/month for the next 6 months to do all this? Sounds too good to be true?! Here's your opportunity to make your fashionista dream come true, you can become Place D’Orleans next Fashion Vlogger! Place D’Orleans is your one stop shopping destination, located only 10 mins away from downtown Ottawa, this mall houses a broad selection of stores, offering a variety of choices for every type of fashionista. 

Here’s how to enter the contest, from September 1st-9th, the in mall vlogger bedroom studio set will be available to the public in order for you to vlog about your newly coveted items found at Place D'Orleans. Place D’Orleans will than select 5 finalists with the most online vlog votes between September 10th-12th, as well as 5 other vlog entries selected by mall representatives, to compete in the final in-mall vlogger search on September 16th. Read full contest details here!

Grace of & I 

Sounds like so much fun? Let me tell you about my exclusive vlogging experience at Place D'Orleans, it was amazing! Ottawa’s 10 top fashion bloggers were invited to the exclusive launch party for the #VloggerSearch contest, as ambassadors of the Vlogger Search, we were given a 150$ gift card to raid Place D’Orleans and go on the prowl for our next best fashion finds to than vlog in the bedroom studio set and share the news about this amazing contest with our blog readers! 

I had such a great time, an evening of shopping, sweet treats, wine and fashion fun amongst Ottawa’s top fashion bloggers. We chatted fashion, made some fun crafts and documented our stylish finds for the Place D’Orleans Vlogger Search. I recommend all you fashionistas in the Ottawa area to enter the contest, head to Place D’Orleans and vlog at their bedroom sudio set about what you purchased at the mall!

The event was so much fun, not only were we the first to vlog in the bedroom studio set, upon arriving at the #VloggerSearch exclusive event, we were treated with an amazing make-up session and than paired with a wonderful male model to assist each of us during our shopping excursion around the mall, pure bliss!

During my shopping adventure, I bolted straight to my fave stores and got some really cute items for the fall/winter season. I found this edgy jacket at the Bay, can’t wait to wear it this fall! I also found this really cute leopard print sweater dress, very fun & flirty. Scroll down and watch my vlog and see what else I purchased at Place d’Orleans. 

Pop Champagne at the Place D'Orleans Vlog bedroom studio set!

Tinfoils Tiaras vlogging about her fabulous fashion find, look at those funky tie-dye heels!

Check out Chameleonic's fabulous shoes!

Fun Arts & Crafts station at the Place D'Orleans #VloggerSearch launch party!

Ottawa Velo Vogue photo-documenting her newly designed mug! 

We also received some really cool swag bags, Thanks to Place D'Orleans!

My vlogging experience at Place D'Orleans was everything a fashionista could ask for.  Shop at Place D'Orleans and share your stylish purchases at the vlogger bedroom studio set, you could be their next fashion vlogger!

Like what you hear? I also have a contest for my readers, I am giving away a 50$ gift card to Place D’Orleans to one of you lucky readers, simply comment on this post and include your vlog link. I will than select a lucky winner by September 12th to enjoy this gift card at the mall. Good Luck! 

Check out what I purchased at the Place D'Orleans #VloggerSearch exclusive party!

Enter the Place D'Orleans #VloggerSearch here!

Photo Credits: Rémi Thériault


Andrés Corella said...

Clothes, food (which I should be kept away of haha), fabulousity, male models....and Pop that was a great event!

The Black Label

A Fine Balance said...

It was a great event indeed! It was great to be there with you and other wonderful Ottawa bloggers!

Emmett Katherine said...

It was a really fun event :) so nice to meet you & all the Ottawa bloggers who where there!

kirstyb said...

sounds absolutely fabulous x

20 York Street said...

I sooo wish I could have been there hun!
You look stunning as usual!

Great post on the event M!
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Tights Lover said...

Wow. That is an amazing contest! I love all of the photos!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

Was so great seeing you and as always you looked phenomenal! Here is the link to my vlog :)