October 19, 2012

Ottawa Fashion Week: Guertina Cruz

Designer, Guertina Cruz debuts her latest collection, introducing her modern rendition of the "Partridge family" look. A country sleek theme for the fashionista who embraces crystal-like embellishments intertwined with a distinct color palette. This collection denotes the movement of a new era.



Kori said...

Great post! I'd love for you to link up with me for Fashion Friday today honey! http://www.blondeepisodes.com/2012/10/fashion-friday-vlieger-vandam.html Have a great weekend! Kori xoxo

Petite Adventures said...

What a gorgeous collection!

Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

Jill said...

Guertina Cruz's collection looked seriously hot last Saturday!

Korto Momolou,Y!D.N.A and Propehtik were also incredible shows during OFW!

manu said...

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