November 24, 2012

Fuk Flour!

At the centre of the very stylish and quaint Manotick Village nestles the Fuk Flour shop, this awesome store offers fresh baked gluten free foods! As a buzzing fashionista, when on the prowl preparing for photoshoots, I always like to get a wrap, along with a delectable soup and why not indulge in a gluten free dessert? Fuk Flour has it all.

 As members of the fashion industry, it is important to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Fuk Flour Owner, Darren Potvin encourages youth to adopt the gluten free trend: "Maintaining this type of diet, results in a detox of binding agents which cause disheartening health symptoms. Adopting a gluten free lifestyle will help balance mind, body and soul and will leave you looking and feeling better than ever".

 Upon my visit at the Fuk Flour shop, I tried the low glycemic vegan chocolate cupcakes and they are absolutely heavenly. They taste wonderfully and melt in your mouth, these are perfect to order for your next holiday party! Darren points out that women absolutely love Fuk Flour's double chocolate brownies, they are every lady's delight.

"A gluten free lifestyle is best to adopt, remaining free of radicals, promoting an overall healthier lifestyle."

Make sure to visit Fuk Flour and buy your freshly made gluten-free loaf of bread, cereals and other scrumptious gluten-free products.

At Fuk Flour, you will also find many organic beverages, a personal favorite is "Marley's Mellow Mood" drink, which contains valerian and helps to soothe and relax, for the busy fashionistas who have jam packed schedules, it is highly recommend to try this beverage.

Owner Darren Potvin, offers every customer a carefully catered experience at his shop. Fuk Flour is also a knowledge centre, offering customers a roster of information on gluten free options and healthy eating tips.

 Lookout for upcoming workshops with renowned gourmet chef, Kathy Smart alongside Darren Potvin who will be teaching the community about healthy eating. Fuk Flour takes part in these workshops by showcasing and offering food samples to members of the community. At their last workshop, Fuk Flour received rave reviews on food quality and taste.
Fuk Flour Owner, Darren Potvin

  Fuk Flour also caters for all types of events, order your gluten free birthday cake! 

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onesixthreechirp said...

The cupcake look yummy! :)

Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

lol what a dreadful name! but brilliant if you cant eat gluten. :) lovely blog u have xxx

Emmett Katherine said...

It's quite the attention catching name, not something you'll forget! I love little bakeries that make off the beaten path goods. Next blogger brunch you'll have to bring some of those delicious looking cupcakes! ;)

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