January 31, 2013

Raw Taste

I stumbled upon "Raw taste" jewellery and absolutely loved Sasha Cherkovsky's designs. Geometrically and esoteric-like inclined pieces caught my attention, hence I had to share my appreciation for these edgy jewellery creations. Read below my blog interview with Montreal-based designer Sasha... 

When did you first start designing jewellery?

I entered the fashion industry at 18 and discovered so much local talent that it pushed me to visit artist studios. A few years later, an artist friend I met in Thailand gave me the extra push I needed to sign up for a formal craft education, so I joined École de Joaillerie de Montréal, which I started while finishing my Bachelor of Art History at Concordia University.

 What is your design inspiration?

I have this sort of utopian dimension in my head where I dream of large spaces, sand, leather, fur and motorcycles. I make pieces that bring me to that place. Triangles and crystals from special places fuel my inspiration as they are so full of symbols and esoteric qualities.

Tell us about “Raw Taste” jewellery, why the name?

I started a blog called Taste a few years ago relating images that inspire me, as well as photos and videos I took. I connected with the different definitions of the word. Raw Taste comes from that original name, but relates to the way I work and the material I use. Beauty is imperfect; asymmetrical shapes, raw material and a rough edge amplify it. Everything you see is all me, which is a completely baring experience.

What is your bestselling piece?

The bestseller so far is the Raw Ylac 2.2 hand piece; it has been featured in a few different music videos. Hand pieces are everywhere right now, and the Raw Ylac hand piece is different than anything out there, since I delicately handcrafted and designed it using a technique called ArtClay.

What materials/stones do you use to fabricate your pieces?

I usually work with raw material; I try to stick to 999 or 925 sterling silver, as well as any gems I find interesting. Expect to see more pyrite (fool’s gold), smoky quartz crystals, nirvana quartz and angel aura quartz, which have interesting properties like cleansing of negative energies and depression, and boosting of determination, grounding and protection.

I absolutely adore your Himalayan quartz necklaces, please tell us more about these beautiful gems...

I love these crystals for their healing, occult and meditative qualities. The crystals I use come directly from countries like Nepal, India and Brazil. They are brought back by myself or a gemmologist mentor who has many years of experience of hunting for the highest quality quartz crystals.

Shop online at: www.cherovskytaste.com


Emmett Katherine said...

So great to see a post from you, it's been awhile! I haven't heard of this designer but her jewelry is just my taste.

shooting star said...

minimalistic yet absolutely stunning!!


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