February 13, 2013


Hello Fashionistas, I would love to introduce Korres' winter hydration skin care program! As we brave the cold winter season, our skin changes and we must adapt our skin care products to this chilly weather.  Korres offers the winter hydration package which helps protect your skin from this grizzly weather. Using these products will keep you hydrated througout the season, resulting in a more than healthy glow. I had the chance to try out Korres' Body Butter, Yoghurt Soothing Gel (Doesn't that sound amazing?!) and last of all their foam cleanser based on milk proteins. 

My Korres experience proves to be successful; my skin feels replenished and fully protected during this winter season. I highly recommend all you beauty fanatics to abide by Korres for your skin care needs. Banish dry skin during the winter weather and boost your skin with the instant soothing gel. I also enjoy using the milk proteins foam cleanser as part of my daily skin care regimen.

My personal fave is the Korres Body Butter, a combination of Shea Butter, Sunflower, Almond and Avocado oils nourish the skin promoting a smooth and youthful look. Make the right decision for your skin, choose Korres! 

Korres is an award winning beauty brand made from naturally derived and organic ingredients, available in select Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora locations across Canada.

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