March 3, 2013


Valérie Capiral is the design force behind Eliza Diosa, as a local designer in the Nation’s Capital, she offers elegant yet modern garments that highlight a women’s beauty.  I first bumped into her at a local mall, a couple years ago and instantly knew she had to be affiliated with the world of fashion, only to find out she was indeed a fashion design student at Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion. 

Fast forward to the present, Valérie is now a graduate and a buzzing designer who is seen in local fashion shows. She is also underway with her upcoming online store. Read my interview with Valérie.

 What is the inspiration behind your current collection?

The name of my collection is Romeo's Juliet; I pulled inspiration from my love for Shakespeare. These designs are based on an urban Juliet in her adulthood going through three specific issues: Life, Love and Passion. Shakespeare demonstrates that Juliet is a strong and intelligent woman, which depicts the quintessential "Eliza Diosa" woman. In this collection, you will notice many backless dresses and tops.

When did you start designing and why?

I always followed the pulse of fashion as a teenager and at the mere age of 16, one of my best friends passed away, I designed a shirt with her on it as a memoriam and had so many demands for the shirt. At this point, my creative ideas started to flow.

Once, I finally got a sewing machine, I started making my own clothes. By age 17, I was already well versed in the world of fashion; fell into photography in which I interned for photographer, Alan Dean. He inspired me to pursue my true love for design and this led me to attend Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion where I emancipated my creative skills.

Why the name “Eliza Diosa”?

Eliza is my grandmother’s name who is partly my inspiration. I think of her as a woman with much strength as she came to Canada having to feed and care for 10 people. She is a very important matriarchal figure in my family's heritage. Last of all, “Diosa” means goddess in Spanish.

What type of fabric do you like to use?

My favorite fabrics are chiffon and lace. Lace can cut it in different ways and no matter what the result is, it will turn out stunning and dramatic. Chiffon may be hard to sew but no matter how you use it, it will give a soft and elegant look to your outfit.

What are your musical inspirations?

When it comes to creating my outfits and finding the right tunes to go with it, I always fall upon indie/dubstep. At the moment, "Purity Ring" is on high rotation and suits the "Romeo's Juliet" collection perfectly.

Lookout for an online store in the near future!

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Photography: Tina Picard 

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