March 21, 2013

Metal Clay Artist Magazine!

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It was windy, chilly, and the first snowfall of the year was only a few days away. Yet, the cover model for Metal Clay Artist Magazine’s winter issue was rocking a bikini top, outdoors.

There’s a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes at a fashion photo shoot that readers don’t see. It takes dedication, cooperation and creativity to take a look from the initial concept to the final product you see in the glossy pages of a magazine.

Sometimes it involves posing on a rock beach on a Sunday in late October, as Zin Ster did so gracefully for this shoot. For a large portion of the shoot she was barely covered, while the rest of us were bundled in multiple layers of clothing from creative director Marcia B’s on-set closet.

I was invited by Marcia to document the behind-the-scenes goings-on to provide the magazine's lovely readers with a sneak peak before the issue hits newsstands on Jan. 16. Some of the images will also be used in a new magazine, Creative Fire, which is set to be released in Spring 2013.

One of the greatest things about this particular shoot was that everyone helped out when and where needed, despite their "set roles." Myself, along with an intern, the makeup artist, hair stylist, and the magazine editor, helped photographer John Smith with lighting, stood in as models for some fun shots and even had a chance to sit in the makeup chair.  In between all of this, I snuck in some interviews (which is what I was really there to do, oops)!

Q&A with the Crew!

Where did you draw your inspiration?

Marcia: I drew inspiration from the location of Remic Rapids and the jewelry pieces. As the pieces are very organic and subtle, I wanted to contrast that with bright colors. The colors of the make-up are very bright and draw attention to a reader's eye immediately. As it is a beauty shot, we decided to have the model's hair up to display her facial features, hence complementing the cutting-edge jewelry pieces. 

Why did you choose Remic Rapids as the location?

Marcia: It is a very organic and serene location, which I thought worked in symbiosis with the display of  "Metal Clay" jewelry on the cover. The location was a perfect backdrop for this type of photo shoot. 

MCAM Editor, Jeannette Froese LeBlanc & Journalist, Kathryn Forrest

What is Metal Clay Artist Magazine?

Jeannette: Metal Clay Artist Magazine is an artist-run magazine in that we’re all jewelry makers. We’re based in three countries; the UK, US, and Canada.

Tell me about the jewelry you've brought along.

Jeannette: I've brought a variety of jewelry with me today. I've brought some metal clay jewelry, obviously for the cover of Metal Clay Artist, and I've also brought some traditional metalsmithing; pieces mixing in plastic, glass, and other found objects.

What look have you created for the model today?

Paula: We’re really just having fun with the shoot today. Zin has a high ponytail with a lot of texture.

Do you tailor a hairstyle to the model’s personality?

Paula: 100 per cent. It’s one thing to have style and be told [by the creative director] to go in a certain direction, but when you get that person in the chair it’s a totally different feeling. I’ve become familiar with [Zin’s] personality, because we have worked together over the years a few times now. Her hair has a lot of texture, and there’s a lot of texture to her personality. Lots of layers! 

Tell me about the look you created for the model. 

Ayesha: For the model today, I went nuts, pretty much. I used four different colors shading – a khaki green, a shimmer loose powder and a silver and gold. I also did some liner, some fake eyelashes, three rhinestones on the side of her eye, and just blended for a funky look. It’s kind of futuristic and glam makeup. 

The model is really beautiful.  She has great bone structure so it was really easy to work with. I did take a peak at the jewelry, and [one of the pieces] has a big Cleopatra neckline. It’s silver and really bright, so I wanted to extract it and make her makeup completely different to make the jewelry stand out.

What did you bring to the shoot today? 

Renata of Rinude Resale: It’s a bit of a mish-mash but since it is fall, we’ve got a lot of stiletto boots as well as some heels. We also don’t feel like color should be for specific seasons. It’s important to have colour throughout the year, especially on those gloomy, dark days. Infusion of color - can never go wrong with that!

Creative Director: Marcia B Creative
Photographer: John Smith
Model: Zin 
MUA: Ayesha Eckert
Hairstylist: Paula Whitelocke
Shoes: Rinude Resale

 Metal Clay Artist Magazine,  February 2013, available in 22 countries and to subscribers in 98 countries.

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