March 4, 2013


I am really excited to introduce Noujica's Spring-Summer 2013 Collection. The earthy ladies behind this Montreal based brand are Catherine Cournoyer and Jinny Lévesque. They both join their creative forces to create clothing and accessories made out of recycled and organic materials. 

For the upcoming season, the duo embrace the simplicity of color, translated onto ecological materials such as hemp, linen, leather and organic cotton.  

Noujica separates themselves from other brands by embracing the power of natural beauty. I really enjoy the fact that all of Noujica's photos for their Spring-Summer 2013 collection are untouched, resulting in a very  real and personal campaign for their latest collection! Here are my fave Noujica items for this season:

My must-have item is the Multifunction Band Belt, it can be worn as a belt, top, skirt, scarf or even a maternity belt! It is also available in different colors and prints.

The Equestrian Belt made out of vegetable-tanned leather.

The Fringe Scarf; customize your look, tie the fringes in a knot, braid them or just let them hang freely. 

 The Linen Scarf, it can also be worn as a shawl. I really admire the hand-made silk screen design.

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