May 5, 2013

Bombshell Revival Designs!

Bombshell Revival Designs is a unique clothing line found in the Nation's Capital, carefully designed and curated by the mastermind Kym Brown. The talented designer offers upcycled designs to bombshells in the Ottawa area. Her creations are all about empowering women to embrace their sense of style and individuality.

Designer, Kym Brown likes to help women by revamping their old clothes into fabulous pieces, she likes to infuse character into old garments and revive them into a unique garment. I have listed many favorite items from Bombshell Revival, including this Ice Cream fascinator! How cool is that? The Bombshell Revival woman is a unique femme fatale that is not interested in looking like everybody else.

Bombshell Revival offers quality one of a kind items to fashion lovers of all sizes. Kym also makes it more than important to offer funky items for the plus sized woman, therefore she offers many creatively refurbished styles from size 12-2X. 

Kym enjoys making bizarre items that strike the image of utter fashion. Reminiscent of Isabella Blow and dashes of Lady Gaga, she fuses these inspirations into the epitome of what is her rendition of the Rockabilly look. It must be so much fun to have a matrix of a mind to create all these wonderful pieces!

When I first met Kym Brown, I was astonished by her amazing style. She is the full expression of Art in human form. Her aesthetic is bold and powerful, correctly in symbiosis with the concept of Bombshell Revival Designs. The buzzing designer always knew her calling was fashion. After working numerous years in the corporate world, she knew her "penchant" was  truly fashion. She enrolled into fashion design at Richard Robinson Academy of fashion and is now selling her clothing locally.

I had the pleasure of having an interview session with the talented designer and had the chance to pick her brain. Where do all these crazy and creepy ideas come from? What are the inspirations? I am truly passionate of her Eco friendly approach to fashion, it is a movement that she highly recommends every fashionista to take part in.

Why the name Bombshell Revival?

The name stood out to the designer,  she states that it's all about releasing your inner Bombshell and embracing yourself for who you truly are. Kym translates the aspect of revival via the makeover of used clothes, turning garments into more than the owner thought the item could be. She loves to whip up something new and unique out of used garments, it's all about the element of surprise. In a matter of time, you can have a newly coveted piece that no one else will have.

It's all about customized fashion, I really appreciate designer, Kym Brown's odd aesthetic, inspiration being pulled from fashions that delve in to the dark side,  touching notions of Steampunk and Goth culture. Kym pulls alot of her ideas from the 1940's & 1950's burlesque scene. She is also a huge enthusiast of the tattoo culture. She enjoys celebrities such as Dita Von Teese, Bif Naked, Amy Lee from Evanescence, Nikki Six, only to name a few. 

Kym manifests her creative talent onto this leather jacket. She spruces up this generic military jacket into wearable art. She adds imagery to the back of the jacket, which is printed on silk. Such a classy and edgy upgrade. The designer embellishes the shoulders with floral appliqués. This instantly steps up the jacket from casual to edgy chic. It's all about frugal fashion.

She loves to designs pieces that are unexpected, for example, this jacket seems normal at the front but once the lucky owner of the jacket turns, a striking design can be seen, leaving others in awe. 

Bombshell Revival designs are available at Curious Shop in Ottawa, you can also purchase items online and lookout for  Bombshell Revival at local Arts & Crafts event.

Bombshell Revival enables fashionistas to take part in the Eco friendly movement. Kym Brown enjoys utlizing existing fabrics and garments for her creations. She also loves to use buttons and random items as appliqués. For example, some of her fascinators are made of old christmas ornaments. 

After interviewing Kym, I was motivated to start my seasonal cleaning, in which I would scout for items that I do not find appealing anymore and hence, would bring them to Bombshell Revival Designs for a type of fashion resurrection. Isn't that a great idea? Go through your wardrobe and find the items you are no longer excited about and bring them to Bombshell Revival Designs!

Whether it's refurbishing a cardigan, your favorite jacket or your summer skirt from last year, Bombshell Revival can add that cool twist to your item.

Customized? Bombshell Revival Designs can also customize an item for you. Going to prom, yet you don't want to look like everyone? Kym Brown can easily revamp your look for Prom by sprucing it up with unique edge.

Kym Brown embraces the culture of fascinators and offers a wide array of these looks. Paying tributes to the likes of Kate Middleton, Dita Von Teese and Pink who loves the mini top hats, the designer offers every fashionista a unique assortment of these wonderfully crafted treasures. 

Available in a variety of epic styles, Kym's fascinator gallery is to be viewed: Bombshell Revival.

The intuitive designer describes her design aesthetic in the following sequence: pretty, feminine, edgy and a bit creepy.

Look out for more out of the box designs from Bombshell Revival Designs!
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