July 21, 2013


Last weekend, before heading out for a night out on the town with my girlfriends, I went through my usual make-up ritual and used the new smoky extravagant mascara by Make-Up Forever! It is the newest mascara technology offered by Make-Up Forever and it's all the buzz right now among beauty fashionistas. 

Once applying mascara to your eyelashes with this carefully designed brush, the product is distributed evenly, adding volume and a definitive curl to your lashes. As I'm always weary about my lashes, since they are very short, using this product has been revolutionary for myself, it instantly extends my eyelashes beautifully, adding length and volume.

I've also started applying the new aqua cream eye shadow from the Aqua Collection and I love it! The aqua cream shadow is  waterproof, smooth in texture and application. For the bikini fashionistas who love to spend their summers by the pool side,  use this product and look flawless after a dive in the pool.  I scoured the internet and came across rave reviews about this eye shadow, many swim fanatics such as synchronized swimmers swear by the product. They often use the aqua cream eye shadows for their swim performances. The aqua cream eye shadow  has the perfect amount of sheen, resulting in the perfect glow when the sun kisses your face.

As a photographer, I would definitely recommend using the aqua cream  eye shadow for underwater photo shoots. The amazing aspect of this product is that it can be used many ways, be versatile and utilize the wide array of cream eye shadow colors as blush, eyeliner or even a lip color. A small dab is enough to last through the summer heat. My favorite color out of the aqua cream eye shadows is the soft golden copper, which can also be used as a highlighter for cheekbones and other areas you would like to put in focus.

Best part of the aqua cream eye shadow is that it doesn't leave any oily residue. If you already have oily or combination type of skin, it will not slip off. The wear will last throughout the day, regardless of summer heat, it's truly amazing. You will feel like a glowing goddess all day.

Upon wearing my new coveted Make-Up Forever products, I have been receiving many compliments from friends and have been divulging my new found make-up products to all of  my girlfriends. As soon as I tell my fashion friends that the eye shadow is waterproof, they immediately get excited. We make it a point to wear this waterproof cream eye shadow to the numerous weddings we have to attend this summer. Why not be equipped for those sappy love stories?

I am so excited to continue beautifying myself for the numerous ladies' nights coming my way. To add instant intensity to my eyes, I now use the aqua cream eye shadow along with the smoky extravagant mascara at all times. These two products should be coveted by all beauty fanatics. Utilizing both will result in a sultry look for the summer season.

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