July 22, 2013

Montreal Nightlife!

It’s such an awesome experience living in a city that you are in love with! As the ultimate fashionista, I am overstimulated by the amount of picturesque places to visit in this European inspired city. From the eclectic neighborhood of Mont-Royal to the classic quintessence of the Old Port…Tourisme Montréal demonstrates that this city is the place to be for the blooming fashion lover who wants a taste of class in her life.

Since I'm new to the area, Tourisme Montréal wanted to know: Where do I party in Montreal? Since moving here, I have been overwhelmed by the number of terraces, clubs and lounges this city has to offer. I made it a point as a newbie to check out various hot spots in Montreal. Let me tell you, I've been having a great time experiencing the city's nightlife. I also can't believe the amount of bachelorette parties I have encountered here, perfect spot for this type of celebration!

 It is highly recommended for any type of fashionista to book a vacation here, regardless of the season. Bethenny Frankel, Will Smith and Bradley Cooper are of the many celebrities that you can easily spot here on their leisurely time. 

When stepping out in this bustling city, fashionistas should always put their best foot forward, strut the night out on the town in your best outfit.  Fashion is more than a lifestyle in this city. 

Where do I party in Montreal?

Let's start with NEW CITY GAS! My most memorable nights have been at New City Gas. If you want to experience Montreal's nightlife to the fullest go to NCG and get immersed in the culture of electro & house music. This reformed warehouse turned into a factory style club is one of Montreal's nightlife most significant attractions. Hosting the best DJ's from around the world, New City Gas will leave you with everlasting memories.

Ristorante Cavalli is hands down the classiest place to be in Montreal. Characterized by the downtown chic vibe it offers, this place boasts of Montreal's best crowd. Centrally located on Peel street, Thursdays are popular at Ristorante Cavalli, dress to the nines and rub shoulders with the city's finest.

 Ristorante Cavalli's design is visually enticing and the epitome of class.

If you're looking for a  really cool restaurant & lounge, go to Suite 701. The sleek design and vibrant colors create the perfect backdrop for the fashionista who thrives of the lifestyle of characters such as Carrie Bradshaw. Gather your girlfriends for some fruity cocktails at this stylish hot spot.

Feeling in the mood for a really awesome terrace? From Suite 701 take the elevator to the 8th floor and guess what? You arrive at Terrasse Place D'Armes. I had the chance to check it out recently and I spent hours at this venue!

One staple Montreal is known for: The culture of  "5 à 7". The concept of after work drinks is extrapolated to the maximum. Residents of this city have a constant "Joie de vivre", cocktails overflow at the strike of 5, house music and deep funk inundate all the terraces that are at your disposal to decompress after that long workday. 

Hotel Nelligan is my number one terrace in Montreal. They have the best cocktail menu in the Old Port. I checked it out with my fashion partner in crime and we were delighted to try a cocktail named "La Piscine" which was super refreshing and tasty.

 Renown for it's cutting edge service and fashion forward clientele, Hotel Nelligan is my ultimate pick for fabulous drinks and gabbing over everything with my girlfriends on a Saturday afternoon. 

La Champagnerie, Bar à Sabrage is the newest coveted spot in the Old Port. Featuring the most spectacular way of opening a bottle of Champagne, this venue upholds the sabre slicing tradition. I highly recommend mellowing out at La Champagnerie. Celebrate your Birthday in style with your loved ones, enjoy a bottle of champagne and savor their delectable appetizers.

Break out those platform stilettos and pair them with that cute skirt, let the champagne overflow and party in the Old Port with ultimate class at La Champagnerie.

Montreal offers a variety of nightlife venues catering to all styles. There is a diversity of options for everyone. Stroll along St-Laurent Boulevard and scope out the scene and see what strikes your fancy. Heading to the Old Port will never leave you disappointed, the cobble stone architecture alongside the stylish people you will see are entertaining factors that create the mood of this richly romantic city. 

Whether you feel like dancing the night away or simply just lounging and socializing over a drink, these places I have personally chosen will leave your nightlife taste appeased. The ambiance, fashion and the unique crowd intertwine perfectly to create what is known as Montreal's nightlife.

I always find myself browsing on Tourisme Montréal's website to read the latest on Montreal's trendiest hot spots, make sure you do the same to keep updated with the wonders of this buzzing city's nightlife.


Emmett Katherine said...

I haven't been to Montreal in ages, looks like I'll have to check back on this post for all the places to go next time I visit!

Em K

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