October 1, 2013

Artisan Brush Collection by Make-Up Forever!

The new Artisan Brush Collection has been taking the beauty industry by storm. Carefully crafted in the island of the Mauritius, the Artisan Brush Collection consist of 76 hand-crafted brushes. Make Up Forever introduces a cutting edge brush collection to facilitate the make-up application process for beauty lovers. 

My favorite brush out of the Artisan Brush Collection is brush #100, every day I have a make-up date with this wonderful foundation brush, whether i'm prepping myself to go on a date night or a day out with my girls shopping, I am always excited to make myself up utilizing this item. With it's synthetic fiber composition, this brush offers smooth application and distributes my foundation accordingly, ending in a unified glow.

My fave brush from the Artisan Brush Collection, #100!

The Artisan Brush Collection classification is very convenient for make-up artists, classified as the following:

100's: Complexion
200's: Eyes
300's: Lips
400's: Artistic specially designed for professionals

The Artisan Brush Collection can be found at Sephora and Make-Up Forever boutiques. I definitely think this new brush collection would be the ultimate holiday gift for many of my make-up artist friends!

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