March 18, 2014


Are you the type of fashionista that likes to change your look all the time? Do you often get bored with your hairstyle? Our beauty correspondent, Philippe Laurin tends to change his hair-do all the time. Upon discovering, Loren Lankford's new book DIY DYE, Philippe was thrilled to find out about hair dyeing methods that can easily be done at home! 

No need to go to the hair salon. In this book, discover home coloring techniques utilizing items such as Henna, chalk and food coloring. You can even find out how to create the popular "Ombre" look at home! This books makes me want to plan a hair dyeing party, wouldn't that be cool? This book is also a great gift to give to your hair styling fanatic friends. 

Watch the video below to hear what Philippe's rave review on DIY DYE by Loren Lankford!

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