March 25, 2014

Vancouver Fashion Week - Vancouver Style

Vancouver Fashion Week is the ultimate display for the real fashion that occurs in Canada. Looking at all these fun street style photos, Vancouver demonstrates itself to be reminiscent of the artful expression found in the "Harajuku district". Fashionistas in Vancouver are actually visually exciting unlike other major cities in Canada. When following all the fashion pictorials from Vancouver Fashion Week, I am actually excited and thrilled to see the burst of color and unusual looks. It's not like other fashion weeks in Canada that seem to be so monotone, where everyone stays safe and wears black. Check out these awesome photos! Don't you agree?


Photos courtesy of Vancouver Fashion Week Facebook


Andres Corella said...

My dear Marcia I gotta tell you the people in Vancouver are BRINGIN IT! I am absolutely blown away with the amazing styles you captured.


Cortnee Chulo said...

Those are some incredible outfits, Jessica Luxe is absolutely bringin it in that skater skirt and that rose purse!!!

Jessica Luxe said...

Hey girl, glad you liked my VFW looks <3