August 27, 2014

Chick Advisor Showcase!

As a beauty and fashion blogger, I am an avid user of a variety of products and I constantly keep updated with the newest trends. When I received an invite to the Chick Advisor showcase at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, I was more than ecstatic. Chick Advisor values the opinions of bloggers tremendously, as we critic from a consumer's point of view. A copious amount of new beauty and lifestyle products were presented to us at the showcase, our tasks as beauty fanatics was to log in our product reviews on Chick Advisor's website.

My absolute fave product was the Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish lipstick which has a great amount of pigment, the glossiness is perfect and has a smooth and uniform application due to it's precise applicator design. I already ran out of my glossy lipstick by Bourjois, it's a must-have.

I absolutely fell in love with Heel Genius foot cream, I have been using this product every single day this summer. Leaving your feet moisturized, this foot cream has the perfect formula to keep your feet smooth and silky. 

We spent the entire showcase logging in our thoughts into our Chick Advisor web accounts. As bloggers, this is what we do on a daily basis, we are constantly introduced to new products, it was such a great experience as we got to brainstorm and critic alongside other beauty bloggers. I definitely recommend any beauty lover to register on 

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