October 14, 2014

Genius Booster Serum by Arbonne

As we are settling into cold weather, we need to continue hydrating our skin and maintaining a healthy glow. The Genius Booster Body Serum by Arbonne is perfect for this matter. I've been using this for the last couple weeks in light of the weather change and it has been beneficial. If you are in need of that boost to unify the look of your skin, I would recommend to use this product. 

Upon using this serum on my body, my skin has a brightened healthy look and is also firm. My skin tone appears to be more unified creating a radiant look. As we enter cold seasons such as Autumn and Winter, our skin faces changes which could result in dryness. It is proven that after 2 hours of using the Genius Booster Body Serum, users have experienced a smoother skin texture, radiance and improvement of skin clarity. I definitely recommend every fashionista to try this new product by Arbonne! 

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