November 3, 2014

Boutique Lowell

I am very excited about this post, I finally checked out Lowell Boutique on St-Laurent boulevard. The boutique celebrated its one year anniversary with a great cocktail service which included the best steamed pork buns! At the anniversary party, the owner of the boutique, Rachel Fortin, also launched her F/W 2014 collection for "Rachel F." which has already had many rave reviews. I keep spotting "Rachel F." tuques all around town, they are a big hit this season and I must get one.

Seriously, this is best boutique ever! Not only does it have such a cozzy shopping atmosphere, you can find unique house decor, handbags and amazing clothes at this shop. I am also personally biased since I can shop two of my favorite brands at Lowell, which are MimiHammer and Norwegian Wood. 

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