December 9, 2014

Bronze Cosmetics

I am so happy to share Bronze Cosmetics on my blog! They are a Montreal based cosmetic line that offers organic make-up suited to ladies, especially of color. Prices are very affordable and the wide range of products are wondrous. Find anything from a concealer, to liquid or compact foundation among other products.

Upon receiving, my compact foundation from Bronze Cosmetics, I was very impressed by the sleek and eco-friendly packaging. After my first use, I was pleased with the smooth finish and composition of the foundation. Resulting in a healthy glow, this cosmetic line offers a great variety of skin tones to appease to the different mixes of dark skin types.

Those with sensitive skin will be grateful for Bronze Cosmetics which is free of chemicals. We often find ourselves experiencing breakouts due to the composition of the unnatural products we are using. Bronze Cosmetics highlights the importance of using organic make-up by utilizing minerals and plants as components of their products. I highly recommend the use of Bronze Cosmetics!


Jessica said...

I didn't know about this brand before but their products look great! =)
Thanks for visiting my blog!


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Missy May said...

Looks and sounds like a good beauty product. :-) Appreciate your visit on my blog very much. Bless!

Miharu Julie said...

Sounds a good products

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Mary said...

nice post!!!

Elisabeth Green said...

Don´t know nothing about this brand but I have to try it

Stella Scarlett Rose said...

Seems to be really nice. Didn't know this brand yet, so thank you for sharing.

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