February 23, 2015


This has to be one of the most exciting blog post for me! I had the opportunity to interview Wardrobe Expert and Television Fashion Stylist, Christie Maruka. As a previous stylist on the Tyra Banks show and Montell Williams, Christie is now owner of Fashion Fix New Jersey which is a mobile fashion showroom catering to clients all over the USA.

Christie operates out of a high-top Mercedes Benz which is decked out in fabulosity and is stuffed with chic designer wear. She offers her service as a wardrobe consultant and personal shopper, by helping women and men with issues such as closet purging. Christie operates nation-wide and enjoys showing her clients the versatility of an item and what silhouettes or colors may or may not work for them.

Christie and I, could have chatted for hours, our conversation was endless. From discussing the retail climate in fashion to the hair-pulling topics about teenagers and pop culture, it was great to hear the opinion of a self-made Wardrobe Stylist with 30 years of experience in the industry.

Why did Christie get into Fashion Styling?

Christie was bold and fierce with her answers and told me since age 15, she was focused on her goal to be a fashion stylist and open her own retail stores, which did happen. She loved fashion and always dreamed of empowering others by boosting their closets and giving them makeovers so they could take on a new career, life path or attend that special event in confidence.

 Christie had suffered from a form of scoliosis at a young age, which prevented her from partaking in normal teenage activities. Due to this, she could not wear all fashion trends, since she had to wear a brace for her condition and she was motivated from that age to defeat all odds and become a stylist. Christie had the necessary spinal fusion surgery to correct her condition at age 19 which changed her life for the better. Empowering teenagers and boosting their self-confidence is a very dear cause to the talented stylist. She states that her most rewarding styling gigs were showing teenagers how to dress fashionable on a low budget. She'll take teens to Target and H&M to show them that designer brands aren't required to look good.

What is Christie's advice for anyone who aspires to work in Fashion Styling?

Work in retail to achieve that ground experience, save money from a very young age, get your formal education and intern. Christie could not stress enough that she worked for every penny she earned since the age of 15 and was always focused on the prize.

I was able to catch Christie in between her crazy New York Fashion Week schedule, so I had to get the 411 from her...

What major trends did you spot at MBFW for F/W 2015?  

Stylist, Christie Maruka describes the dominant trends for the Fall/Winter 2015 season as Over sized coats, Sherpas, furs, bold patterns and tartan plaids. Here are a few of her fave shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York.

Hervé Léger takes their bandage dress to a whole new level for Fall 2015 

Bohemian & chic with Anna Sui 

Christie's favorite show, BCBG MAXAZRIA 

It's all about big bold coats at Coach.

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Wow!!! You're so lucky! I would probably be starstruck if I was in your position. Haha! :) Great post!

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how awesome for you! congrats :)
Love your photos and very happy for you.