February 1, 2015


Working in FASHION...what is all the buzz? It can be a fun career but there are harsh realities. It's not all about glitz and glam, it's about patience and drive. In today's economy, it is also about luck. 

You have to put your TIME into fashion, whether it means working on that boring excel grid for days/weeks on a report that you may think has no correlation to fashion, it may mean stuffing 4000 gift bags for fashion week, it may also mean disassembling mannequins all day and none the least dealing with COLD FASHION DIVAS of all types: buyers, models, stylist, retail directors, you name it!


Here is a quick brief of what to look out for in various categories of fashion based on my experiences.



Working in a corporate head office for a big retail fashion company is all about spontaneity. You are basically supporting the numerous stores across the country, depending on your  assigned tasks, you can be handling store maintenance such as booking carpet cleanings for retail locations, controlling all alarm systems for all stores, let's say 70*. Anything can happen at any moment, be prepared for store floodings, ROBBERIES, customer complaints that are infinite and a tyrannic boss (possibly). Also, purchasing visual signage for all retail locations and MAKE SURE THEY ARRIVE AT ALL LOCATIONS BEFORE THE PROMOTION IN MIND STARTS, or else you're done!

If you like the rush of handling the real and raw behind-the-scenes of retail management, this is a great experience.


PUBLIC RELATIONS: Let's face it, in fashion pr, you will be starting off as an intern, standing by the door, greeting fashion's elite who MADE IT and handling coat check forever. Escorting diva guests to their seats, removing the plastic from the runway, QUICKLY, before the show starts. You will be stuffing 5000 gift bags for hours.

 Than later on, when you have EARNED it, you will weasel yourself in and help renown brands to market their new products, by throwing lavish events and gabbing all about it ONLINE and liaising with major press outlets. You will be doing the funner tasks, such as prepping the guest lists for cool events, booking venues, sourcing decor, catering and most importantly marketing their brand out LIKE NO OTHER, spewing it all over the internet like a virus. This is fun but you must be in the know of everything at all times. 


MODEL: As a model, you are always on set waiting for hours for that event to start or waiting for your turn at that casting. You are in hair and make-up prep forever. Surrounded by alot of not so nice divas, you have to be tough. Photo shoots are alot of work, be prepared to stand in that awkward position for awhile so the photographer can get that shot, even if you can't feel your leg anymore. You are what you eat and remember good skin is in = LESS SPENDING ON PHOTOSHOP for the photographers. Remember you are just a blank canvas for the artist to paint on, so get rid of the RIDICULOUS ATTITUDE. It all pays off when you see your face in that fashion spread.


GARMENT DESIGN & PRODUCTION: You are constantly ordering fabric, before another company buys it out. You are designing seasons ahead, you are always updated on the latest fashion trends. You are deciding, if royal blue will take off again this season and if you should just cancel the crop top for this summer. You are doing fittings all the time, editing the same sample over and over again. Will this fabric work with this cut? 

You are yelling at your supplier in China to send the shipment over by air because doing it by boat is going to take an eternity, but you better negotiate a good rate, this is more expensive. In the midst of all the drama, this is really fun. You get to see an idea come to life and you know the STRUGGLE WAS REAL to get that cute baby pink crop top in stores, but yes it did make it and guess what it sold OUT in pink but it didn't sell in beige and YOU ARE STUCK WITH 300 UNITS OF BEIGE CROP TOPS.


WHOLESALE FASHION: HIGH SEASON...LOW SEASON, GET READY FOR THIS, you have to be tough. You are trying to sell your collection to BIG NAME BUYERS, you are sending samples, you are mobile, you are travelling alot. You are dealing with rejection on a daily basis and good luck getting through to those busy buyers, they are impossible to speak to. You have to be patient and know the value of a garment. You can't let that dress in jacquard fabric go for that cheap price, this is JACQUARD FABRIC, don't try me! If it was polyester, than MAYBE! But, hey, it is rewarding, BIG SALE...GUESS WHAT? BIG MONEY FOR YOU. 


PHOTOGRAPHY: Living the contract to contract life, you're going to need a side job. This is a fun, creative and rewarding career, however make sure you are the ultimate threat and have refined photo shop skills. There is ALOT of competition out there and guess what YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR FREE FOR AWHILE TO BUILD YOUR PORTFOLIO AND CONTACTS, let's be real.

Keyword is NETWORK. Just go to events and SNAP PHOTOS.


STYLIST: There are so many facets to fashion styling, we can talk about image consulting to simply styling celebrities and photo shoots. This is all about networking, you have to INVEST YOUR OWN TIME to get there. Be in the know of who's who, what are the happening brands/designers, who are the happening photographers, who is the new young singer out there or who is the hottest blogger of the moment, do you have media contacts to popular magazines?

 You are living a very mobile life, luggage life. You always have to have an updated wardrobe of the latest trends, meaning you have MAD CONNECTIONS with brands and can get a sample in a heart beat from various offices and can get it expedited out QUICKLY, because it needs to get there in time for that TV correspondent to wear it or feature it on her segment, and guess WHAT, there is no such thing as pre-planning, everything is last minute and changes last minute all the time. You need back up all the time, this is showbiz after all.


SOCIAL MEDIA/BLOGGER: We revolve around ONLINE PRESENCE in today's society, if we can't find you online, than FORGET IT. Working in this category of fashion is pretty cool, various social media widgets are more than your best friends and you should be having a love affair with your cell phone at all times. 

As a fashion blogger, you are constantly reviewing products and going to over the top events. The staff at Fedex or Purolator know you very well, you are always picking up a package. Remember, it's all about how much presence you engage online, which tactics will you be using to spread the word? You do it, because you love it and guess what you get FREE SWAG, don't expect this to happen within weeks of starting a blog though, it takes time.



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I do have a better understanding now in those different profession and I do thank you for that . Great idea !

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I would loooove to work in the fashion PR world. Good breakdown!

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I love this post! Working in fashion is harder and more stressfull than it looks, I'm a fashion producer student and I'm already busy, but if it is what we love everything is worth it. Great article!

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Wow this is awesome thank you for sharing your experiences.

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This is a good rundown. It would be so rad to be a stylist. I would love to have a job like that. :D

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Amazing piece!
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It's truly not easy.
I think i'd rather stick to Blogging n Styling(when n if I get the needed connections). Lol
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Great breakdown of different careers within fashion, I'd love to try them all! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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I SO know what you are talking about. It isn't as glamorous as it seems.. I worked in the industry for many years before having kids. Love your blog!
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I am working in IT, but would love to work in fashion business someday. I know its is quite difficult and stressful, but I thing all the jobs are, just depends on the person itself. Thanks for sharing. Kiss, Mel

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Super interesting to read this! Definitely a lot I didn't know, so thank you for sharing it :)

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I am a fashion intern and I absolutely love it! This post is spot on - you have to start right at the bottom but seriously if you are passionate about it then you get on with it and realise that you're climbing higher and higher and eventually it is all worth it! :)

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well written article...very interesting to read. There are so many jobs in fashion industry...and I don't think people realize that. Every job has its own challenges and rewards as you have described so well.


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All these pictures and the article remind me of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, the movie! I took my time to read your article and everything you say is so true. I am pretty sure it takes patience, but at the end of the day, like you said, it can be fun.

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working in fashion has its perks and the not so beautiful moments but I wouldn't have it any other way. thanks for visiting my blog!

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Marcia, this is a good read for someone who wants to get into fashion... it might not be easy to break into it but I think it is something you need to follow if this is your passion. I highly doubt there are any professions that are all fun... there is always work involved.

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Lorna said...

I've been working in the fashion industry for about 8 years and I agree with you that it can be extremely tough, a lot of hard work and not as fun as everyone makes out! The amount of stress is insane! But I do love it, despite all of that!

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It's good that you gathered some fashion related jobs.
It's definitely a hard and demanding industry.
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