February 18, 2015

Winners & Marshall's Media Launch

I checked out the Winner's & Marshall's media launch for their Spring-Summer 2015 trends and it was so exciting. Seriously, this winter has been so harsh and seeing all the amazing spring-summer trends that will be available at Marshall's & Winners for the upcoming season was so uplifting.

So many pastels, floral prints, palm trees, light jacquard tops and gorgeous maxi dresses were seen at the media launch, it was breathtaking. Since the media launch, I have gone to Winners and I have hit the racks pretty hard, I am getting ready for the temperature change and can't wait to show you all my new purchases. In the meantime, here is a look at items that I fell in love with at the event. 

I died at the sight of this designer crop top, it is absolutely cute. The refreshing and vibrant floral print is perfect for the upcoming season and for a retail price of 79.99$, you can't go wrong, it offers such an amazing fit and quality. Stylist & Television fashion expert, Erica Wark also chose this designer crop top as part of her must have items for Spring-Summer 2015, she also chose this funky designer blazer which retails at 129.99$. See more of her fave floral items from Winners on the Online Showroom website. 

Don't you love shopping through the countless racks at Winners and Marshall's? 


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

such great photos :)

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Chiamaka Abasilim said...

Gorgeous floral crop top and blazer. You have a good eye.


Ashley Tamarra said...

Loving all the florals! Sheesh! The metallic platform oxford are EVERYTHING!!