April 9, 2015

Zoë Mowat

I checked out the "W Happenings" event last month featuring object designer, Zoë Mowat. It was pretty cool, the W Hotel in Montreal host this occasional happening in which they feature upcoming young talent. During this interesting conference, Zoë describes her masterpieces to be based on "honest materials". The Edmonton native discussed the constant iterations that her projects go through and her sources of inspiration. Through her trial and error process, she always ends up with cutting-edge contemporary pieces that attract the likes of companies such as Umbra, who has mentioned her as an artist to look out for! My favorite piece from the Zoë Mowat collection has to be the gorgeous Arbor Jewelry Stand. Don't you love it?

Arbor Jewelry Stand 

Zoë Mowat

Cache Cabinet

Photos Courtesy of: W Montreal

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