April 21, 2015


Zpirit is my new fave drink! I checked out the launch party recently and had a chance to sample this new fruit infused water. For those on the go, that admire the smooth yet supple taste of flavor in their water without all the preservatives, this is the drink for you! For the health conscious crowd who tend to make their own infused water, this new drink is a quick alternative, Zpirit introduces 4 flavors that are healthy, gluten-free and delicious.

My favorite flavor has to be the Spiced Pear & Vanilla, personally the taste reminds me of cream soda, which is fun to drink, because it is actually healthy. I've been implementing Zpirit in my diet and have also gotten my friends hooked on this new drink. This fruit infused water is perfect for yoga moms, beauty fanatics and anyone who loves a refreshing splash of fruit in their daily water intake without the hassle of making it on your own. Check out their website below and find Zpirit at your local grocery store, it's my new obsession! 

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