July 21, 2015

Brussels, Belgium!

Hello Fashionistas, I traveled to Brussels, the city of beers, chocolates and waffles! As a major fashion and food lover, this was quite the adventure. I did lots of shopping, my favorite stores were Cool Cat and Bershka...(I had to stuff my suitcase like no other for my return to Canada) and I finally tried Flemish food, it is very unique in flavor.

Belgium was my first destination in Europe, upon arrival I was amazed at the amount of detail in the architecture as well as the intricate and avant-garde landscaping. In Europe, everything is designed with the utmost convenience and refinement.

My partner in crime and I dined at some great restaurants such as Belga QueenMidi Station and De Noordzee. Belgians really take pride in their quality of food and service, everything was tasty.

Traditional Flemish Dinner at Midi Station

Flemish style asparagus, super tasty!

Traditional Flemish dish, homemade Mechelen cuckoo vol-au-vent.

At the fishbar at "De Noordzee", I'm obsessed with their shrimp croquettes.

 The hype about Belgian  waffles is legitimately justified, I had the Brussels waffle at La Chaloupe d'Or in Grand Place and I have not recovered from the awesome taste yet, can't stop craving it.

          Amazing Belgian beers at Delirium Café, as seen in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most beers on tap.

 This won't be my last time in Belgium, there will be a part two to this post since I will have to go back for a much needed dose of Hoegaarden Rosée beer which I strongly recommend to fashionistas who like fruity beers.

This was quite the foodie post, so next on my list is the Momu fashion museum in Antwerp, which is a very stylish city. I'd love to get more knowledge on successful Belgian designers such as Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester and Martin Margiela, so lookout for this post in the near future!


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

ah, I am so jealous! great photos :)

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Jhem Arzaga said...

Yayy.. all yummy, they're making me crave for it!
You really had an amazing visit to Belgium, hun!
Hope your next visit will be great too!

Have a great day!
Btw, I just followed you on Twitter, hun :)

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Kim Alston said...

Everything looks SO DELICIOUS! Beautifully presented.

Imogen said...

Everything looks amazing.

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Tania Franco said...

Great photos of Blegium, food looks delicios! My favorite beer in the world is Belgian beer, it's the one I get whenever available. Thanks for sharring!


Adgam Blog said...

Amazing photos ♥