July 15, 2015

Santorini, Greece!

 I am completely baffled after travelling to Santorini, Greece, my ultimate dream destination! It is without a doubt, heaven on earth. I don't think there are enough words out there to describe the beauty of this picturesque island. Hues of white and blue as well as never ending stairways to heaven create such a magical and relaxing vibe for your vacation. The island of Santorini is characterized by a myriad of grooves and crevices that connect to multiple villas made out of clay. 

I had the best time with my partner in crime, we stayed in Fira, Oia and Akrotiri. We met interesting people, ate some amazing greek food and I am so pleased with my Grecian tan, it won't be my last time in Santorini, I want to go back! 

I had an amazing time at Astarte Suites, this luxury hotel offers a breathtaking view of the iconic volcano right in the middle of the Aegean sea. It is truly a view you will never forget! I loved the accommodations at Astarte Suites, high end and pristine, most importantly the staff is absolutely wonderful. 

Astarte Suites 

I now claim myself a #Santorinifoodie after stuffing my face like crazy with all the amazing greek food, especially the yogurt I had during my stay at Astarte Suites! Here are some pictures of my #Santorinifoodie faves during my vacation:

Cheesecake Cocktail at V Lounge Café & Cocktail bar

I am obsessed with Ouzo, which is an anise flavored aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece. One word...Ouzo!

Yum, Semolina cake! 

Delicious Greek appetizers at Astarte Suites.

Fresh Greek yogurt for breakfast at Astarte.

 Beautiful Santorini! 

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Photography: SDB


Marcela Gmd said...

Wow beautiful photos and post!!! I love Greece!!!
Have a nice day!!!:)))

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

Tijana Momcilovic said...

you have great blog :)


Ira Kharchenko said...

Amazing post dear!


Lenya said...

Such a magical place. Beautiful pics.

Miss Val's Creations said...

Beautiful photos of an amazing place! I went to Fira on a cruise but was only there for 1 day. I do dream of going back and spending time exploring and enjoying the food. The cheesecake cocktail sounds absolutely delicious!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Wow these photos of Greece look amazing! It looks like you had a fabulous vacation! Thanks for your visit to my blog commenting on the cat drinking water from the kitchen sink!
Julie xo

the chilicool said...

Beautiful photos, Santorini is amazing!
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Tanya W. said...

OMG, incredible of all. Love love the beauty of summer!


Elle said...

Wow, these pictures are glorious! I think you may have just planned my next vacation for me!!!
That hotel si super luxe, and the views! Great tan, and pretty you!
xx, Elle

Samantha Mariko said...

wow, gorgeous photos! love the destroyed denim!!

Chic Therapy said...

OMG!The pictures are so amazing!! Santorini ranks high on the list of cities I want to visit.