December 9, 2015

Winter Beauty Hacks

Here I am, to share my winter beauty hacks! As I live in Montreal, climate change affects the state of my skin every season and in terms of well-being, the harsh cold days can rain on your parade in many ways. As a defense mechanism, I like to boost myself up with loads of nutrients to solidify my immune system and to enhance my mood, I enjoy indulging in citrus flavors to awaken my senses. 

If you follow me on twitter, you are familiar with the fact that I tweet photos of my smoothies all the time. As a base in my smoothies, I like to use almond milk or coconut water, a mix of berries for my dose of antioxidants, my beloved bananas for potassium, ashwagandha which relieves stress along with a dash of chia, hemp and flax seeds. I also can't forget to add Chlorophyll for a boost in blood circulation. Than I am ready to take on the day. 

Up next, instead of having shots at the bar, why not make some healthy ones in your own kitchen? Prepare them for the week, lime juice, ginger and cayenne is a great combination to strengthen your immune system. Uplift your spirit in the morning with my healthy recipe. Or customize your own shots? Try it.

As we enter the cold winter season, I like to adapt my daily skin care program according to temperature change. For face & body care, I have been using the following products to preserve my skin:

First off, I must talk about All Naturals Cosmetics which is a Canadian company based in Barrie, ON that offers exotic natural skin care and 100% Shea Butter products. I am  in love with their newest product, the Babassu Natural Butter. I use it on a daily basis, applying to my neck, face and body. This product is a combination of Babassu, Argan, Coconut and Cocoa oils which results in  balanced skin moisture levels, prevention of aging and a healthy glow.

I have also been using All Naturals Cosmetics', 100% Shea butter that is pure, unbleached and organic. As we all know, Shea butter works wonders for your skin, hair and nails. For this winter, I am using it to relieve my dry skin and to even out my skin tone.

All Naturals Cosmetics' products are very reasonably priced, they offer a variety of other skin care products that would make a great Christmas gift. Shop their skin care on their website by clicking here:

To conserve facial beauty, I have been sampling the Hyaluronic Serum from Mira-Skin, it serves as a base for your face, filling in lines and boosting the power of your own skin care products once you apply them after the prep. This increases your skin's hydration level. 

Mira-Skin's Hyaluronic Serum is a unique combination of high-quality, short-chained hyaluronic acid, which promotes regeneration and supplies your skin with nutrients and anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E, Omega 3 and Collagen. I swear by this serum, it is the perfect winter beauty hack. Learn more about this product by clicking here:

If you have any questions about my Winter Beauty Hacks, please tweet me @marciabcreative as I'd be pleased to assist!


Beauty Unearthly said...

Thanks for such a detailed post!
happy day dear! <3

Black Leopard said...

Thanks for giving those tips for skin care in the winter. Dry skin is not fun!

Kelsey & Kenecha said...

Thanks for sharing!


Justin Targia said...

Nice little hacks. They are always useful

Caro * said...

Very nice review ! Merry Christmas :)

Olivia Aimes said...

My skin has been super dry so I needed this!

Len Parent said...

That looks delicious babe! Hope you’re having a wonderful week!
Much love, Len

Chic Therapy said...

Do you have a recipe for the avocado ginger smoothie?

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