November 28, 2016


I am incredibly obsessed with Butter London's products! As a holiday round up of Christmas gift ideas for that beauty addict in your life, I strongly suggest giving some items from this brand. Their products do not contain harsh chemicals as other cosmetic brands use and that is very important for me as I use makeup on a daily basis.

 First off, I must share my BL essentials, since I redo my manicure on a weekly basis, I like to use the Horse Power Nail Rescue Basecoat which helps to strengthen my nails. They were damaged after a bad European manicure episode in March but after weeks of using this product, they started growing stronger and longer. 

I've  also been using the Quickfix moisturizing cuticle balm which is perfect to condition your cuticles, especially during the harsh winters.

Since, I am always on the go, I always opt to use the quick drops from BL, they accelerate the drying process and prevent smudging. I swear by this quick dry formula as it includes rose hip oil and the scent is wonderful.

I am fascinated by Butter London's tinted moisturizer for nails, this treatment is available in all nude shades to match various skin tones. I got the "deep" color which matches perfectly with my complexion. This nail treatment is free of harsh chemicals and locks in moisture with the help of natural ingredients such as tea tree oil. The results I have had are actually remarkable and my nails no longer have that brittle look.

Did somebody say Lipstick? I am a fan of Butter London's lipsticks, not only do they apply on smooth like butter, they actually have a great scent that is not unpleasant like other lipstick brands. My two fave colors of the moment are the Fab & Lucky plush rush lipsticks, they are always in my purse.

Lucky Plush Rush Lipstick

Their lipliners are very easy to blend and actually reduce the appearance of creases on your lips. At times, I use the liner all over my lip as a base and use a nice sheer gloss over it. In my makeup répertoire, I have the Sizzle Pink Plush Rush Lipliner which I wore out last Friday night, it's my favorite. My new year's "beauty" resolution for 2017 is to own every color available in these.

If you are the glossy type, BL offers a wide array of lip gloss colors with lip plumping effects and a high shine finish.


Diana Ashuayem said...

Wow! Nice products!

Beauty Unearthly said...

Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

Chic Therapy said...

This just reminded me that I have a purple mascara by this brand. Will go dig it out now.

Beauty Follower said...

The lipsticks are very nice!

Beauty said...

Beautiful Selections; the moisturizing cuticle balm is a product I'll love to try.
Thanks for sharing.

Tania Franco said...

Wow, products look so good. I never new they made anything other than Nail polish. I am curious to give these a go now!