January 10, 2017


It's back to school for many of you! Either you are starting a term or finishing your very last semester, whatever it is, that's all exciting and I wish you good luck. Here's some insight on the top fashion schools in Canada. 

Let's face it, there are fashion schools in not so fun places such as Ottawa and Calgary, however it is strongly suggested to venture out to a big city like Montreal or Toronto to take part of the full experience of being creatively influenced by the larger population around you. These cities also promise a successful placement rate after graduation as many fashion companies are housed there. Studying fashion in a small town won't give you the amount of cool opportunities that a metropolis can offer.

Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver

Out of the many institutions I checked out online, the Blanche Macdonald Centre turned out to be the most intriguing and exciting option. It's not your conventional school, it is described as a "boutique" style atmosphere offering many creative programs in a more intimate environment.  

Three Fashion School programs are available, out of all, I liked the syllabus for the Global Fashion Marketing program, career outcomes for this field include: fashion public relations specialists, retail buyers, visual merchandisers, fashion show coordinators etc. 

Here is a glimpse of a few courses you would have to take in the Global Fashion Marketing program:

Public Relations & Event Planning
Retail Buying
Social Media
Visual Merchandising

Fashion Marketing
Fashion Show Production
Fashion Styling
Fashion Wholesaling

Lasalle College in Montreal & Vancouver

Lasalle College is a popular option for those seeking a fashion career, many international students are known to attend this school. As I live in Montreal, most of my friends have attended Lasalle for Fashion Marketing and have easily placed at head offices in the area upon completion of the program. The tuition fees are affordable and the city's creative energy will contribute to your personal and academic experience.

The School of Fashion at Seneca College in Toronto

If you're seeking a career in Fashion Business Management, than Seneca College has the exact program for you, including courses such as retail mathematics and business communication. This is perfect for the fashionistas that are really interested in the more corporate and economy driven side of fashion. If you're not too sure about this side of fashion, read my blog post, here, for more info.

The School of Fashion at Ryerson University in Toronto

The Fashion Communication program is a lengthy 4 year program, however covering almost everything from the design process to media related topics. A potential career outcome is becoming a TV host, it would be cool to be a style correspondent on "The Social" talk show or Marilyn Denis Show! Toronto is a great city, if you want to be in showbiz, make the move. 

What to study in fashion? Read my helpful post here: THE TRUTH: WORKING IN FASHION 


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Such a cool list of schools to know about. I actually wanted to attend FIDM here in Los Angeles when I graduated high school. Sadly I got discouraged by the price to get an education there, and didn't attend. Thanks for sharing these!


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