February 21, 2018

Ice Fishing near Montreal!

I was eager to go Ice fishing for a very long time, so I rounded up my favorite people and we headed to Parc Mille Îles (45 mins from Montreal) to do what they call "Pêche Blanche" in Quebec. We reserved 4 weeks in advance and were lucky to get a spot as this is a popular activity in the winter. 

So we booked, the turnkey ice fishing package which includes the following:

An 8’ x 8’ ice fishing cabin

A woodstove


10 tip-ups and bait

10 pre-drilled holes

A skimmer

A trunk for transport

For details on pricing, click here

It was a lot of fun, however we did not catch a fish! Ice fishing is much more challenging than I imagined. You literally have to be monitoring your drilled holes the whole time in order to be prepared for a potential catch. Of course, we were busy chatting, snacking and snowshoeing, therefore some fish ate the bait and managed to get away. I do believe that having larger hooks would have made a big difference, I will get my own for next time. 

We booked half a day of fishing, perhaps if we booked the whole day we would have caught one? Patience is key when ice fishing, there are many techniques and factors that play into this hobby, nonetheless, next year we plan on going back with more expertise. 

As it is a lengthy activity, I prepared some snacks for us. On the menu we had grilled cheese sandwiches with Gouda cheese, waffles with Canadian maple syrup, apples and of course a bottle of rosé. 

Our purple cabin was so adorable and perfect to warm up in, although I was warmly dressed with my snow pants and my Icebreaker thermal wear made of merino wool, my brother got me this set for Christmas. If you need good quality underwear for a ski trip or ice fishing, check out Icebreaker

 My first time snowshoeing, not bad! 

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Gil Zetbase said...

Amazing pictures!
Have a nice end of the week!
Gil Zetbase

Yvonne Farrell said...

Those photos are so beautiful and look like it was fun although ice fishing was not that easy!
xo Yvonne

Pentené said...

How fun love! I've been fishing before, but never have I went ice fishing. What a great experience had for you and your family. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip.


Paula Lopes said...

What a beautiful place, I loved all the photos! I'm crazy to see snow. Have a great day.

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Evolve With Mary said...

This may sound crazy but I’ve always wanted to go Ice Fishing. It looks like a lot of fun, that’s probably because I live in Sunny California, lol. What a cute little hut! I’m sorry you didn’t catch one but I’m sure you still had some fun. Gouda Grilled Cheese sounds delicious. Hello Rose!

Heather Rowland said...

This looks like such a cute activity! Gorgeous photos and I love the look of those grilled cheeses!

Heather xoxo

Carrie said...

I have never been ice fishing before, but how neat that they have a package!! I am sure that grilled cheese was so good, doing stuff like that always makes me so hungry!!


Dominique W said...

Awww this looks like so much fun! I would love the chance to play in that much snow, looks like a fab day out hun xx


Marta said...

This looks like so much fun! Glad you had a great time :)

Isidora High Heel Poodle said...

i love that rose vine!
Are we following, if not them lets fallow :) http://highheelpoodl.blogspot.rs/2018/02/shein-teddy-bear-coat.html

FashionRadi said...

How fun!? I've never been ice-fishing, but think would be such a cool experience to try it.


Chic Therapy said...

Seems like an exciting activity.

Mica T said...

Oh wow, what a unique experience! I've never been ice fishing before, it sounds interesting! It's nice you had the cabin, I imagine it would be very cold otherwise, haha!

Hope you had a lovely weekend! We took the boys to an indoor play centre to get out of the humid weather and they loved it :) So different from your snow photos!

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Styled With Amanda said...

That looks so fun, cute outfit too!


Steal4 Style said...

It looks like you had so much fun! Nice pictures!!

Andreea Birsan said...

Such a nice experience, hope you had a great time! xx